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Igorot Man Bravely Shovels Snow in Underwear, Bahag

Igorot man from Alberta, Canada, defies winter weather by shoveling snow in his underwear and bahag, to honor his Igorot heritage.

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Igorot man shovels snow in underwear and bahag in Alberta, Canada to honor his heritage and show the world that Igorot people are strong and resilient. He remains unfazed by mixed reactions, determined to represent his culture.

An Igorot man from Alberta, Canada, is making headlines for his unique way of shoveling snow. Rey Soriano was spotted shoveling his driveway in just his underwear and bahag, a traditional Igorot garment.

Soriano told reporters that he was not cold, and that he was simply proud to represent his Igorot heritage. "Snow ka lang, Igorot ako!" he said.

Soriano told reporters that he was not cold, despite the frigid temperatures. He was simply proud to represent his Igorot heritage, and he said, "Snow ka lang, Igorot ako!"

Soriano's actions have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for his bravery and cultural pride, while others have criticized him for being reckless and irresponsible.

Igorot man Rey Soriano shovels snow in underwear in Canada, honoring heritage, showing Igorot strength & resilience.

Experts warn that staying in the snow for too long can be dangerous, even for people who are used to cold weather. Hypothermia, a condition in which the body's core temperature drops below 35 degrees Celsius, can set in within minutes if you are not properly dressed. Symptoms of hypothermia include shivering, confusion, slurred speech, and drowsiness. In severe cases, hypothermia can lead to death.

Soriano's photo has gone viral on social media, and he has been dubbed the "Igorot Snowman."

His actions have been met with mixed reactions, but he remains unfazed, determined to represent his culture in a positive light.

Soriano's story is a reminder of the diversity of cultures that make up Canada. It is also a reminder that even in the face of extreme cold, there is always a reason to be proud of one's heritage.

Soriano is a role model for many Igorot people, and he has shown the world that Igorot people are strong and resilient. He is an inspiration to us all.

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