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Tanasian Phoenix: Philippine Representatives in World MakeX Robotics Tilt

Tanasian Phoenix, student innovators from Tabuk City, Kalinga, are set to represent the Philippines in the upcoming World MakeX Robotics tilt.

Tanasian Phoenix triumphs locally, showcasing resilience and coding prowess, ready to represent the Philippines in Yantai, China. Photo: Eliezer Adonis

In the world of robotics, Tanasian Phoenix from Tabuk City National High School is set to make waves as they represent the Philippines in the upcoming World MakeX Robotics competition. Despite facing challenges and tight schedules, the team's determination has propelled them to this global stage.

Local Triumphs Lead to Global Opportunities

Tanasian Phoenix first gained recognition by winning the second National MakeX Robotics Competition in December 2022. Now, they're gearing up to defend their title in the global arena. The team faced financial constraints and received their robotics kit only weeks before the third national contest, showcasing their resilience.

Overcoming Challenges with Skill and Tenacity

Securing a silver medal in the third national contest, Tanasian Phoenix demonstrated their coding and debugging prowess in just a few days of preparation. Head Coach Engr. Paul Francis Quines highlighted the pressure of receiving crucial components shortly before the competition, making their achievements even more remarkable.

A Journey to the Championship Match

Tanasian Phoenix's journey took them to the championship match against "D' Adtagnan" of the Philippine Science High School - Bicol Region Campus. Despite falling short in this round, the team's determination and capabilities left a lasting impression on their competitors and spectators alike.

Community Support and Future Prospects

Supported by Balbalan Mayor Almar Malannag, Tanasian Phoenix is now preparing to raise the Philippine flag in the World MakeX Robotics competition in Yantai, China, from December 8 to 13, 2023.

Gearing Up for Global Recognition

As the team readies itself for the global stage, the focus is on refining programming and control skills in a limited time frame. The upcoming international competition holds the promise of global recognition, and Tanasian Phoenix embodies the spirit of innovation that transcends borders.


In the face of formidable challenges, Tanasian Phoenix stands tall, embodying a symbol of passion, determination, and unwavering community support that has propelled them to international heights. Their journey is not just a local triumph; it serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring innovators worldwide. As Tanasian Phoenix prepares to carry the Philippine flag in the upcoming World MakeX Robotics tilt, the world eagerly anticipates their performance on the global stage.

We extend our heartfelt wishes and the very best of luck to Tanasian Phoenix. May their passion and skills resonate, bringing them success and recognition. The entire community stands firmly behind them, cheering for their triumph and celebrating the spirit of innovation they bring to the world. Go Tanasian Phoenix!

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