JUSTICE for Mr. Marvin Pineda, male, age 40+ who was murdered last night at the house being constructed right infront of Bayan Park.

The killer (unidentified/male) is currently on the run.

To any eye witness or if you have any information related to the case please present yourself at the BCPO Station 6.

The victim gained stab wounds in the neck and stomach. He was discovered around lunch inside of a black car. Kainuman niya daw po yung pumatay (dalawa lang silang uminom kagabi).

There is no CCTV kaya naging mas mahirap. Pakicheck po mga black box niyo baka sakali lang na may footage na nakuha or sa mga nakadaan sa part na yun baka may napansin kayo.

Please lets help our police to solve this case.

- Annjay Lhore

#JusticeforMarvinPineda #BayanPark #BCPO