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PBGEN Cesar Pasiwen: Igorot promoted to Police Brigadier General

PBGEN Cesar Pasiwen, a proud Igorot police officer from the Cordilleras, has been promoted to Police Brigadier General.

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PBGEN Cesar Pasiwen, a proud Igorot police officer from Mankayan, Benguet and Besao, Mountain Province, promoted to Police Brigadier General.

PBGEN Cesar DR Pasiwen (Ex-O, APC, NL), another proud Igorot police officer from the Cordilleras, has been promoted to the rank of Police Brigadier General during the Oath-taking and Donning of Ranks Ceremony held at Camp Crame, Quezon City on Thursday, February 17, 2022.

PBGEN Pasiwen is a member of the Philippine National Police Academy Class of 1994. He traces his roots to Besao, Mountain Province and Mankayan, Benguet.

PBGEN Pasiwen is the current Executive Officer of the PNP Area Police Command-Northern Luzon.

Cesar Pasiwen, a proud Igorot police officer from Mankayan, Benguet and Besao, Mountain Province, promoted to Police Brigadier General.

Police General Dionardo Carlos, Philippine National Police Chief, formally inducted the ceremony and commended the promotees in this momentous milestone of their career in the police service.

Carlos encouraged the newly-promoted officials to serve as epitomes of the highest standards of professional behavior necessary to forge an environment of mutual respect between police officers and the general public.

"As you level up to a higher rank of great importance, there are more responsibilities ahead, thus, I urge all of you to keep it up and carry on with the best of your abilities as we introduce innovations for a better and enhanced community-oriented policing", PGen Carlos said.

"As you pledge your professional and steadfast commitment to the Constitution, the Filipino people, and our beloved country, today, I count on you to lead by example, make judicious use of your authority, and observe justice, integrity, and accountability among others, as core values to be applied in the performance of your duty, AT ALL TIMES", he added.

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