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Truman Hunt and the Igorrotes at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis.

Photograph from "The Lost Tribe of Coney Island"

#TrumanHunt #Igorrotes #WorldsFair #StLouis #ConeyIsland

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1905: Igorrotes on show at Coney Island

In early 1905, Truman Hunt traveled to Bontoc and made the Bontoc Igorrotes an audacious offer: if they agreed to leave their family and friends behind for a year and journey with him to United States to put on a show of their native customs, he would pay them each $15 a month in wages.

At Coney Island, the Igorrotes performed a distorted version of their tribal rituals. They sang and danced, they held sham weddings and dog feasts with mutts brought from the pound.

Read more:

Original photo: Igorrotes on show at Coney Island, in the summer of 1905. (via Clair Prentice).

Please note: We digitally altered this photo.
#restored #igorot #Bontoc #Coney

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Habitation des Igorrotes (Habitation of the Igorrotes)

From Aventures d'un Gentilhomme Breton aux iles Philippines (The Adventures of a Breton Gentleman in the Philippines) by Paul de la Gironiere, published in 1855.

I just translated those phrases from French to English......using Google translate of course hehe.

Paul de la Gironiere also has another drawing(?) that was originally captioned: "Fête des cervelles chez les Tinguianès" which means "Feast of brains at the Tinguianès". According to some, Tuinguiane is a historical term for the Igorot.

#Philippines #Igorrotes #Tuinguiane

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An Igorot woman smoking a pipe at the village of the Louisiana Purchase Expedition.

#Igorot #woman #LouisianaPurchaseExpedition #StLouis #smoking

Igorota smoking pipe.
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Stranded Louisian and UP Baguio students from Cavite are bound to be with their families today.

Thank you to the Provincial Government of Cavite, the City Government of Baguio, and especially to City Mayor Benjamin Magalong for allowing our students to travel back home.

- Saint Louis University

#StLouis #UPBaguio #Baguio

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Igorot Boy With Camera, St. Louis Exposition, St. Louis, Missouri, 1904.

#Igorot #StLouis
(c) St. Louis Public Library Special Collections.

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