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Lay-odan Farm, Balili, Mankayan, Benguet

#LayodanFarm #Balili #Mankayan

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"Beauty and the Igorot Artist"

Did you know that Harold Banario is not just a Mix Martial Artist but he's also a good painter? Harold is the younger brother of Honorio "The Rock" Banario. They're from Balili, Mankayan, Benguet.

#MankayanPride #Banario #Benguet

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BINNADANG. Benguet PMFC personnel led by PLT Arnel Abellera and PLT Mary Joyce Gayaden, under the supervision of PLTCOL Stephen George B Antonio assisted some farmers in Balili, Mankayan in harvesting their produce.

Photo courtesy of Camp Major Dennis Molintas
#WeServeLove #AndHealAsOne
#UnitedBenguet #Mankayan #Benguet #Balili

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Veteran actor and producer Robin Padilla has a message to the people of Kalinga, praising them as the courageous tribe in the Cordillera.

In a video that was uploaded by Diadem Joy B. Baliling in her FB account, the actor was recorded telling his message to the iKalingas especially to Apo Whang-od, wishing her to be included as a national artist.

Padilla expressed his admiration to Apo Whang-od on her talent in tattooing.

#Padilla #Cordillera #Kalinga #Whangod #tattoing

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Mr and Miss Benguet 2017 Pageant Results

(from left to right)
Mr. Mankayan & Miss La Trinidad [3rd Runners Up]
Mr. La Trinidad & Miss Kapangan [1st Runners Up]
Mr. Itogon & Miss Kabayan [Mr & Miss Benguet 2017]
Mr. Kabayan & Miss Atok [2nd Runners Up]
Mr. Bokod & Miss Tublay [4th Runners Up]


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-Home Sweet Home-
-Sapid Golf
-Lepanto Airport

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