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Mankayan is now the home of the Biggest Gong in the Philippines. The gong measures 7ft in diameter and weighs 175kgs.

Happy 107th Foundation day Mankayan!



This gong measures 7ft in diameter and weighs 175kgs.
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"Beauty and the Igorot Artist"

Did you know that Harold Banario is not just a Mix Martial Artist but he's also a good painter? Harold is the younger brother of Honorio "The Rock" Banario. They're from Balili, Mankayan, Benguet.

#MankayanPride #Banario #Benguet

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Todey-Lepaac road, Bedbed, Mankayan, Benguet

Photo Courtesy to MaManlaylayad ArjayrManlaylayad Arjay

#TodeyLepaac #Bedbed #Mankayan #Benguet

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-Home Sweet Home-
-Sapid Golf
-Lepanto Airport

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If you are following the journey of "Kulas" over the past days, you would have watched his solo travels from Baguio going up to Atok, Buguias, Mankayan and all the way to Bontoc.

Kyle Gennerman or Kulas is one of the famous non-Filipino vloggers that started his YouTube career in Cagayan De Oro in the Northern part of Mindanao. He created his own video content that are all genuine and full of positive vibes to promote every bit of the Filipino culture including the people, language, food, and almost everything you could think of. He is the kind of a vlogger who likes interacting with the local people almost everywhere.

Kulas is a very polite, positive, happy and a down to earth vlogger who truly loves the Philippines and the Filipino people.

In his latest post in his Facebook page, he made a live stream to express his admiration to the Igorots of the Cordilleras and the beauty of the rice terraces.

"Igorots are freaking tough. I just wanted to go live just to say how much I appreciate you people in the mountains because of your attitude, and your strength and your courage...," Kulas said while showing scenes of the Bontoc river in the background.

Kulas also acknowledged how the Igorots work so hard planting rice in the field and building massive and beautiful rice terraces. He then encourages every tourists to always remember that behind the beauty we see are the Igorots who built them.

"We have to always remember that there are people who are living here who are doing back-breaking labor to provide rice for others and to make these rice terraces that beauty that they are," Kulas said.

He also had a message to those people who are discriminating the Igorots calling them uncivilized only because they are living in the mountains.

"I tell you right now. For anybody who comes to the Philippines, if you discriminate without getting to know people, you shouldn't even come here.... All it takes is coming up and talking to people and understand . 'Cause I tell you right now, I met some of the most civilized people in my life here in the mountains. They open up for you, they give you tea, they care for you, they take you somewhere and they want nothing in return," Kulas added.

#Kulas #BecomingFilipino #Mankayan #atok #Benguet #Igorot #tough #KyleGennerman

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BINNADANG. Benguet PMFC personnel led by PLT Arnel Abellera and PLT Mary Joyce Gayaden, under the supervision of PLTCOL Stephen George B Antonio assisted some farmers in Balili, Mankayan in harvesting their produce.

Photo courtesy of Camp Major Dennis Molintas
#WeServeLove #AndHealAsOne
#UnitedBenguet #Mankayan #Benguet #Balili

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