Crumbs of Comfort: Baguio's Million-Peso Nook­č¬č

In Baguio's cool embrace so high,
A studio quaint, a tiny sky,
A home they say, a cozy den,
But the price, oh my, where's my pen?

Four million two, a hefty sum,
For twenty-five square meters, crumbs,
A unit snug, no room to stretch,
But wallets thin, they dare to fetch.

In this abode, a kingdom small,
Where space is scarce, and hopes may fall,
A living space, or just a nook?
A treasure chest, or just a crook?

Four-point-two, it makes me think,
What's next in this real estate brink?
A mansion's cost for a pigeon's nest,
Is this the place to lay our rest?

A Baguio breeze, that's what they say,
But can you breathe with bills to pay?
The view, no doubt, might touch the soul,
But debts like waves might take their toll.

So, dear homebuyer, do take heed,
In this small space, a life to lead,
Four million two for twenty-five,
Is it a dream, or just a jive?

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