CONGRATULATIONS to Cordilleran Pines City College of Nursing Graduate USAF Captain Genesis K.T. Santos, RN, CCRN, ICURN, MSN, recently Graduated from the Squadron Officer School (SOS) , at USAF / Air University, Maxwell AFB , State of Alabama

The Goal of the SOS is to develop solution-minded, bold, and courageous Airmen and Guardians ready to overcome tomorrow's challenges.

The course is structured around three areas:

Leading, Communicating, War fighting, and Thinking.

Students will engage in classroom and hands-on application events to lead themselves and their team, to foster a strategic and creative mindset, to resolve conflict effectively, to collaboratively solve problems, and to gain foundational knowledge on airpower doctrine, international paradigms, and joint all-domain warfare to learn to lead in uncertain environments.

With the establishment of the US Space Force, SOS has developed a space-specific academic program titled "Space Gray Rhinos" that is accomplished as part of the in-residence SOS curriculum.

Space Force Guardians will focus on space as it applies across the instrument of power, in the past, now, and in the future. USAF students will complete a group capstone project tackling the focus areas outlined in the CSO Planning Guidance.