Have you ever seen a ring of light around the sun? If so, you've seen a sun halo! Sun halos are a beautiful optical phenomenon that is caused by the refraction of sunlight through ice crystals in cirrus clouds.

Cirrus clouds are wispy, high-altitude clouds that are made up of ice crystals. When sunlight hits these ice crystals, it is refracted, or bent, in different directions. This bending of light creates the rainbow-like effect that we see as a sun halo.

Sun halos are typically white, but they can sometimes appear colored. This is because the ice crystals in cirrus clouds are not all the same size. The larger crystals refract more of the blue light, so the halo appears more blue. The smaller crystals refract more of the red light, so the halo appears more red.

Sun halos are a harmless optical phenomenon. They do not indicate any impending weather. However, they can be a beautiful sight to see.

Here are some additional facts about sun halos:

* The radius of a sun halo is typically about 22 degrees.
* Sun halos can be seen around the moon as well.
* Sun halos are sometimes accompanied by sundogs, which are bright spots of light that appear on either side of the sun.
* Sun halos are caused by the same phenomenon that causes rainbows.

If you see a sun halo, take a moment to enjoy the sight! It is a beautiful and harmless optical phenomenon.

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