On October 13, ONE Championship will premiere two full stacked cards in Tokyo as a culmination of its 100th event, and one team in particular, has its eyes set on regaining supremacy within the promotion by having its fighters win all their matches.

Baguio City's Team Lakay is undoubtedly the Philippines' finest producer of the archipelagic country's best mixed martial artists, having proven the notion time and time again by having its athletes go toe-to-toe against not only some of Asia's best, but the world as a whole.

In 2018, the team exerted dominance within the ranks of ONE, having a champion in four different MMA weight classes. However, as 2019 progressed, Team Lakay began losing those world titles one-by-one in a matter of just three months.

Fortunately, the year is far from over, with plenty of action left in store for Baguio City's finest to climb themselves back to a pinnacle that they know they're capable of reaching and reasserting Team Lakay as the most dominant stable across the promotion.

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