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This is not the famous Ifugao Rice Terraces.

Maligcong Rice Terraces, Bontoc, Mountain Province

Photo: theboywhowantedtofly

#Maligcong #RiceTerraces #Bontoc #MtProvince

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Meet Tatay Feliciano (Uncle Lotnu, his Igorot name)

From a small village called Bayyo in Bontoc Mountain Province, now 70 yrs. Old, married, but his wife left him 30 yrs ago. Met a man in Canada, and never came back. Now he is on his own, no parents, all his siblings are gone too.

He tends a public toilet which is clean, and lives through tips by people who pose with him for a photo.

Life is truly colorful, it has stories that will really break your heart. There is nothing certain in this world. But in God, everything is sure, and Yes and Amen. Even if all things fail , God will never ever fail. Left him with a reasonable tip and we took with us his friendly happy smile.

Credit: Noemi Del Rosario

#Feliciano #Bayyo #Bontoc #MountainProvince #Lutno

Tatay Feliciano (Uncle Lotnu)
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Igorot at the papatayan (sacred grove).

Malegkong, Bontoc, Mountain Province 1949, printed 1950

Credits: Gelatin silver photograph, Eduardo Masferre

#Igorot #papatayan #Malegkong #Bontoc #MtProvince

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Baliling: The Amazing Architectural Gardening of the Mountain Province

"Baliling" or "Binaliling" is a farming technique which is still being practiced by the indigenous peoples of Bayyo, Bontoc in Mountain Province.

Baliling is done by overturning the soil and creating beds after the rice cropping cycle.

The rows are usually planted with legumes or sweet potatoes. This improves soil fertility and aeration. The gutters in between were then filled with water, an efficient irrigation system. Creating artistic patterns in the fields bringing a joyful aura in the field for the farmers, and all entities that inhabit the field.

This includes ancestral and nature spirits who are believed to be also sharing space and participate in bringing about abundant harvest and balances ecosystems.

Credit: Proud to be Indigenous

#Baliling #farming #Bontoc #MtProvince

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The local government of Bontoc, Mountain Province is encouraging the public to take advantage of the mobile e-passport processing to apply or renew their expired passport at the Multi-Purpose, Provincial Plaza on April 5, 2019.
As announced through the official Facebook Page of the Municipality of Bontoc, the mobile e-passport processing will be conducted by the Department of Foreign Affairs - Office of Consular Affairs (DFA - OCA) in partnership with the Provincial Government of Mountain Province.

#passport #MtProvince #Bontoc

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The Provincial Capitol of Mountain Province was design by Daniel Burnham, same person who designed the Burnham Park in Baguio City.

Initially called the Bontoc Government Building.

Credits: Marc Castaneda, Bonifacio Lacwasan

#capitol #Bontoc #MtProvince #Burnham

Provincial Capitol of Mountain Province designed by Daniel Burnham
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