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At 22, River Chad Pullis, a native of Tabuk City, Kalinga who is currently based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), earns enough as a full-time freelance photographer to enable him to see the world whenever he wants.

As this is being written, Pullis is sharing photos and videos of Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bulgaria, marking his seventh tour of the European Continent. His longest stay in the continent was middle of 2018 when he spent two months exploring the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany and The Czech Republic.

#RiverChadPullis #Photographer #TabukKalinga

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Igorot man on road. Cordillera Central Mountains, Northern Luzon Island, Philippines,1950s

Notice that the man is carrying a log and pulling a log behind him with a rope.

Photographer: Harrison Forman, 1904-1978

This image is from the original negative held in the collections at the American Geographical Society Library (AGSL), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee USA.

Copyright: Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System.

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Mrs. Cristina Castro: 102-year-old Centenarian from Palina, Kibungan

It was such a privilege to encounter and take a photo of one of the lady centenarians of Cordillera. She is from Palina, Kibungan, Benguet and she is 102 years old.

#LadyCentenarian #ChristinaCastro #centenarian #PalinaKibungan
#PerksOfBeingAPhotographer #Benguet

Credit: Shem M. Padua

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Jewelry of the Igorot: Lingling-o

The Lingling-o is used as either an earring or a necklace pendant by Filipino tribes on the island Luzon in northern Philippines.

The Ifugao, Bontoc, Kalinga, and Gaddang tribes wear them as pendants on necklaces or as earrings. It is also found in other areas within the Philippines!

Filipino lingling-o have been dated circa 500 BC. The lingling-o worn by the Ifugao, Bontoc and Kalinga in the mountains of Cordillera are frequently made of silver. Considered very valuable fertility charms linglingo are often wedding gifts. Linglingo can be made of gold, jade, shell, clay, stone, brass or copper.

The material used, when making a lingling-o, is a sign of its owners social status.

#linglingo #Igorot #earring #pendant

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As a "grand tribute" to Mother Mary, a Marian-inspired fashion event was held in this city on Friday, May 31

International designer and fashion photographer Eros Goze was the curator of the Santacruzan-style event held on the final day of the Marian month of May.

"Santa Maria, Sabsabong ti Mayo" began with Mass at the Baguio Cathedral followed by a procession where participating designers showed off their pieces inspired by the many faces of the Virgin Mary.

#Marian #VirginMary #fashion #May #SantaMaria #SabsabongTiMayo #Baguio

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