PBGEN R'WIN STA. ANA PAGKALINAWAN, Regional Director of Police Regional Office Cordillera, ranked first among the 17 Regional Directors of Police Regional Offices (PROs) nationwide in the Individual Commander's Evaluation Rating (ICER) for October 2020.

Records from the PNP Directorate for Plans show that PBGEN PAGKALINAWAN received the highest rating of 93.08% for October. This is the overall rating of the Regional Director obtained from Unit Performance Evaluation Rating (UPER) which comprises 60%, Directorial Staff (D-Staff) Aptitude Rating (25%), and Focus Directives (15%).

UPER is the total points obtained from the rating of operational and administrative accomplishments of a Police Regional Office, D-Staff Rating comes from the Unit Commander's aptitude rating given by the PNP Directorial Staff. On the other hand, Focus Directives is the compliance rating of a unit on the selected focus directives of the PNP.

For the month covered, PROCOR obtained 94.66% (56.8 points) in UPER, 96.71% (24.18 pts) in D-Staff rating, and 80.72% (12.11 pts) in Focus Directives.

It can be noted that PROCOR also achieved the fourth and third-highest rating in ICER for August and September, obtaining 91.98% and 92.55% respectively.

For almost ten months stint as the regional Director since assuming the post in February of this year, PBGEN PAGKALINAWAN demonstrated his commitment and exceptional leadership in steering PROCOR towards its Vision of a safer Cordillera to live, work and do business. With the collective efforts of all its units and continuous support of the community stakeholders, PROCOR remains leading in the fields of law enforcement, crime prevention, and public safety in the Cordilleras.


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