ONLY TIME WILL TELL -is an original song by the Igorot Wailer (Bennett Anton) Based on the words of wise men who warn us against false prophets, & fortune-tellers who'll say all the words you wanna hear just to rip you off of your money.

[verse 1]
The fortune-teller asks for money, and fools line up to pay;
For made up stories 'bout tomorrow, and what's coming our way.
Merchants and the politicians, when they all come to sell;
Singing like they know the answers, but only time will tell.

[verse 2]
A man is lost in his confusion, has bargained with the gods,
Bought himself a new religion, oh will it be enough?
A self-proclaimed apostle tells you, he'd save your soul from hell.
Hang on him your own salvation, but only time will tell.

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