Igorot culture and people explored in short Australian documentary!

Educational channel, Ancestral Brew yesterday premiered their greatly anticipated YouTube video on the Philippines, titled 'Who are the Filipinos: Ethnic groups of the Philippines'.

The Philippines is often only understood beginning from its colonial Spanish past. However, its pre-history of ancient human activity dates back at least seven hundred and nine thousand years. Additionally, when non-Filipinos think of the Philippines, they are often unaware that the Philippines is not a monolithic society but is rich and diverse in people and cultures.

This gap in historical knowledge inspired Ancestral Brew to create this video which showcases the diverse cultures of the Filipino people such as the Tagalog, Ilocano and Visayan groups, as well as the less internationally known communities such as the Igorots, Moros, and indigenous peoples.

Ancestral Brew hopes to provide a better understanding of pre-colonial Philippines for those interested in anthropology and history, for international audiences to better understand the diversity of the Philippines, and for the appreciation of the Filipino people themselves.