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It was an expedition intended to attempt man's first crossing of the Antarctic continent. Daring and ambitious. The originator was bold and adventurous - a fearless gambler of fate. He was Ernest Shackleton.

Nary was there ever a hint that this attempt would shine in history not for the purpose it meant to achieve, but for the miracles that an indomitable human spirit would gamble itself for and be victorious at.

An 11-part series, Session 3 , this is the story of one of the greatest journeys of survival in the great Antarctic.

The narration is in both Ilocano and Tagalog languages. The narrative starts with the introduction of Antarctica, and presents the features that explain why experiences in this part of the planet are different from those who live in the other parts of the world.

For the benefit of those in the tropics, elements in the Antarctic are described and explained in this first part of the series.

The section then winds down to the Polar Exploration age in the early part of 1900. Here, the plan of Sir Ernest Shackleton to cross the continent of Antarctica is presented.

Past the intoduction stage, the second part of the series moves toward the planning of the expedition; recruitment of members and introduction of the primary characters. It then gears up into action.

By the third part of the series, the journey is well onto the stage of making history. The challenges at sea are many. The dangers are enormous.

Mental toughness, resilience of spirit and physical endurance - these traits all rose to the occasion. These perhaps surprised many of the men in the expedition. It surprisef even them, that they had all these in them. These traits laid inert in untapped recessec of their humanity and they sprang to life out of necessity. Unbridled and without direction, these traits would have rendered their will to survive wasted in the face of nature's wrath.

But thanks to the leadership of one man. The impossible became possible.

Listen to the stories in the series.

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