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Songa: Fortifying our defense checkpoints against the virus with both Christian and cultural rites

In our war against the virus, we humans are uniquely blessed to have an Spiritual arsenal at our disposal where it has none.

We have God, it has none.

We may not see the virus but we humans have something called faith, unseen yet mightier than any pestilence.

We survived the Spanish flu, now this Chinese flu scourge - we'll survive it as well as any future one.

We only have to call on Him to grant us mercy of salvation.

-- From Paracelis, Mountain Province Mayor Marcos G. Ayangwa, MD

#Songa #MtProvince #Barlig #covid19 #coronavirus #culture #MarcosAyangwa

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COVID-19 Regional update as of 12nn of June 10, 2020

No new case reported in the Region.

NOTE: 1 case is reflected in CAR (Baguio) but the patient is admitted in NCR since our reporting is based on the place of residence.


JUNE 10,2020

BAGUIO CITY--Maibasar iti datus manipud kadagiti local government units ken DOH-Cordillera, nailista ti maysa a kaso ti covid sadiay La Trinidad, Benguet nu sadinu daytoyten ti maika-15 a confirmed case ti probinsya.

Ti nasao a covid-patient ket agtawen ti 28, truck helper, ken residente ti Little Kibungan La Trinidad, Benguet.

Daytoy ket maatap a close contact ti 22-anyos a truck helper manipud Botiwtiw, La Trinidad a nagpositibo iti covid-19 kalpasan a nagturong sadiay Cubao Quezon City idi May 31, 2020.

Malaksid iti daytoy, nailista met ti maysa a kaso ti covid-19 sadiay KALINGA nu sadinu nakasangpet ita ti swabtest result daytoy kalpasan a nagtaud sadiay Caloocan, Metro Manila.

Dagus met a naiturong daytoy iti isolation area ti Tabuk City bayat a maipatpatungpal metten ti contact tracing nu sadinu daytoy ti maysa a pasahero ti victory liner bus no.1 nga adaan iti 25 a pasaeors.

Kabayatanna, nailista metlaeng ti kabarbaru a kaso iti covid-19 sadiay Lagawe Ifugao ita nga aldaw.

Daytoy ket maysa a lalaki, 30-anyos ken OFW a nagtaud sadiay Dubai.

Sigun iti LGU-Lagawe, simmangpet daytoy iti nasao a munisipyo idi June 7 ken dagus a nagturong daytoy iti Municipal Community Quarantine sadiay.

Nagpaisong met daytoy iti Rapid test a nagresulta iti reactive kasta metten a naipasidong daytoy iti swab test nu sadinu naamuan a nagpositibo daytoy iti covid-19 ita nga aldaw.

Iti agdama ket ada daytoyen iti natalged a kasasaad bayat a manarimaan metten ti contact tracing kadagiti indibidual a nakapulapol daytoy.

#BeatCOVID19 #covid19 #WeHealAsOne #Coronavirus #COVIDkaya19to #Cordillera

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16-day old baby is youngest COVID-19 survivor

Meet BABY SURVIVOR, a 16-day old baby who conquered Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)!

Our frontliners at the National Children's Hospital tirelessly took care of the neonate for 11 days and successfully nursed him back to health!


Last April 25, there was also a recorded covid1o case of an 8-day-old baby in the city of Baguio. L So sad, musta na kaya siya?

Photos taken from DOH

#COVID19 #survivor #coronavirus #Baguio #frontliners #topstory

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Lake Tufub Bridge, Barlig, Mountain Province

#LakeTufub #Barlig #MtProvince

Photos: Ai Shady

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President Duterte is all praises for Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong for his efforts in dealing with the coronavirus threat in his area of jurisdiction.

The President has commended Magalong, a former police official, as a "good administrator" during his televised public address after observing the country is not in short supply of hardworking public servants.

"Dito sa Pilipinas hindi tayo nagkulang ng ano - for example, Benjie sa Baguio (In the Philippines, we are not in short of - for example Benjie of Baguio). He's a very good administrator," the President said.

"Being a military man, he has that - I said, the - how to craft a government that is really fit for your - in your jurisdiction," he added.

#BenjaminMagalong #Duterte #Baguio #COVID19 #quarantine #coronavirus

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What makes Belwang, Sadanga, Mountain Province beautiful?

Belwang is the largest Barangay in Sadanga, Mountain Province in terms of land area.

It is also one of the remotest as it sits high on the mountain slope.

To get here, one needs to hike for more or less an hour. There are no roads leading straight to Belwang.

The trek to Belwang may be tough and challenging. It entails steeps ascend and descend on narrow and winding trails.

However, it is an exhilarating and memorable experience.

Along the way, one can glimpse of beautiful rice terraces as well as crystal-clear brooks and river.

Credit: Basta Taga Belwang

#Belwang #Sadanga #MtProvince

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