More jeepneys in Baguio City are adopting what one enterprising driver did here over the weekend - partitioning the seats with clear plastic dividers to apply physical distancing to minimize the possible transmission of the coronavirus among passengers.

Driver James Alias, who is plying the Sto. Tomas - Plaza route, has his jeep partitioned with clear plastic.

"This will be the new normal so more drivers are doing this already," he said in Ilocano. "The problem is that there will be fewer passengers."

Alias followed the example set by Billmark Amino, who drives the Dontogan-Plaza route.

Amino and his son, Gideon, installed clear plastic on nylon ropes between the seats. From the usual 10 passengers on each side, however, only 5 can now sit.

Stay safe taga-Baguio!

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