Book feature: The Last Spirit Child

Life is short. Or it could be shorter. And it may even be that it was not lived at all. Years pass by and one goes through existence - passing life on the wayside. Until one happens to discover a sense of a new self. And it would be the day when one lets go of a bitter yesterdays and must embrace all that had been. 
She should have been dead.  No, she should not have been meant to live.  In the old culture of the tribe, her birth was a curse.  No twins would have been both made to live.  No, only one of twin borns was entitled to be alive.  But she got to live.  It must have been divine intervention.  Is life predestined for every individual?  Could there be truth that at the moment of every conception, a corresponding star is also born?  She needed not search the meaning of life.  It has been predetermined for her. If not, how else could she have gone through complexities that made her feel three centuries old? 

The mountains are grand. Majestic. The sky, amorous. And both connive to keep secrets and lure the heart to be wooed. Her story emerged from here. Borne by the spirit of the wind.

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