Only if we believe they exist ...."Angels Among Us" was a Musical Video Project successfully created by our Igorot friends Miss Ingrid Payaket (Female Celebrity Performer) and Mr. Roque Belino (Male Celebrity Performer),also , collaborated with Mr. And Mrs. Ervin Gigante (Music Producer and Owner) and Mr. Dawn Chico Rio (Video Producer-and Owner)

I sincerely want to Thank each one for their participation & unwavering support, creativity and innovative contributions which made the musical video a success.

"Angels" are believed to be divine beings created by our Almighty God the Savior and serving as messengers, protectors, and guardians of the whole universe.

Angels also are often depicted as benevolent spirits tasked with watching over humans and carrying out God's will in their lives

In many religious traditions and cultures , Angels are organized into hierarchies, with different types and ranks, each with specific responsibilities and powers.

Many of our Kaigorotan / Kailyans /Ka Cordilleras believe that Angels can intervene in their human affairs, offering guidance, protection, defense and comfort. Have you ever experienced once in your daily walk of life?

You may not notice but it happens everyday to people from all walks of life ... kaigorotan, kailyans & kacordillerans, Angels even reveal the presence to the devil and to the enemies of the unknown

The concept of Angels has evolved across in our various Igorot cultures and to different ethnic backgrounds.

Regardless of faith and religion, race and origin, Angels role as spiritual messengers and guardians , thus, it remains a common thread.

My Special thanks to our Child Performers : Dwayne Jones Antonio, Rhodney Glenn D. Fernandez, Noah Jireh Gigante., Erwin's eldest

They were delighted to the point that in a very short notice were able to accommodate each of their vocal parts with no lapse in time.

Congrats to All for making it successful!

I appreciate if you're able to watch the video and put your comments.

My hats down to All. I , SALUTE!

MORE IMPORTANTLY: I would like thank and give all the Credits of this particular song back to Mr. Don Goodman and Ms. Becky Hobbs. The song ANGELS AMONG US was recorded by the American country music band ALABAMA, It was released in December 1993 as a Christmas single from the Bands 1993 Album Cheap Seats

Each one's invaluable time was definitely

NOTE: The sole primary objective of this music video is purposely to inspire our ka igorotan, Ka ilyans and Ka cordillerans, it is not to generate donation, monetize, nor to garner views likes,'s purposely out there for all to enjoy listening

Sincerely Yours,
Anonymous American Veteran PWD - "God is Great, and Great is our God"