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Soldiers part of the United States Armed Forces in the Philippines-Northern Luzon (USAFIP-NL) 66th Infantry Regiment of the Philippine Commonwealth Army during WW2.

Most of the 66th Inf. Reg. soldiers were from Benguet Province of the Ibaloi tribe. They were just a small part of a larger group of Igorot soldiers who fought in WW2. For clarification, yes, they were armed with modern rifles and equipment not spears and axes.

During the Philippine-American War, some Igorot tribes sided with the Americans after suffering maltreatment by their fellow Filipinos. However, the Cordilleras became a refuge for Gen. Aguinaldo as he escaped the pursuing Americans. In WW2, the USAFIP-NL 66th Infantry Regiment, Philippine Commonwealth Army, consisting of mostly Igorot soldiers, helped fight Gen. Yamashita's dreaded Imperial Japanese 14th Army Division -eventually leading to Yamashita's surrender in Kiangan, Ifugao.

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  • there is a story coming from an Igorot, passed down to his apo... that Goyo Del Pilar, in one instance visited an Igorot tribe and maligned them by not adhering to the customs... of simple respect, and even threatened to burn the tribe. can anybody from your end confirm this? it is not written in any book, but a Passed-Down story from an elder. paki naman. it will be nice to hear from you. kung ikaw ay may nalalaman ukol dito. salamat.

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