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Good Samaritan: Igorot Taxi Driver Helps Stranded Colleague in La Trinidad

A good Samaritan Igorot taxi driver helps a stranded colleague late at night in La Trinidad, embodying Binnadang spirit and refusing any reward.

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Explore Brendon's remarkable assistance to a stranded taxi driver in La Trinidad, revealing the true spirit of Binnadang and fostering camaraderie among taxi drivers.

In a heartwarming narrative shared by Facebook user "Rhombus Rhombus," a notable incident unfolded, highlighting the camaraderie and support within the taxi-driving community in the areas of La Trinidad, Benguet, and Baguio. This account, centered around two taxi drivers, takes an unexpected turn when Brendon, an Igorot taxi driver affiliated with Yanai Taxi, steps in to offer a helping hand.


Facing an unexpected challenge during a late-night ride in La Trinidad, Benguet, Rhombus Rhombus encountered trouble when his taxi broke down on the way to Lower Tomay. Despite this unforeseen circumstance, Brendon demonstrated remarkable professionalism by ensuring the safe transfer of Rhombus Rhombus's passengers to their intended destination.

Going Beyond the Call of Duty

Brendon's initial act showcased both professionalism and a commitment to passenger safety. What makes his actions truly commendable is his subsequent return to assist Rhombus Rhombus with the taxi issue. In doing so, Brendon exemplified the Igorot spirit of Binnadang or sense of community and mutual support within the taxi-driving profession in La Trinidad, Benguet, and Baguio.

A Humble Gesture Declined

When Rhombus Rhombus offered Brendon money as a token of gratitude, Brendon declined the offer with a humble response, "ti importante ket nakatulong tayo" (What's important is I was able to help). This moment of humility adds another layer to the story, showcasing not only Brendon's professionalism but also his genuine desire to assist without expecting anything in return.

Unity Transcending Background

Igorot taxi drivers in the Philippines are renowned not just for their honesty but also for their genuine care about passengers and fellow taxi drivers. This reputation underscores the unity and camaraderie that exist within their community in La Trinidad, Benguet, and Baguio.

Conclusion: A Tapestry of Unity and Support in La Trinidad, Benguet, and Baguio

Brendon's night of heroics serves as a powerful illustration of unity within the taxi-driving community in La Trinidad, Benguet, and Baguio. In facing challenges, his actions reinforce the idea that, irrespective of backgrounds, taxi drivers can come together to offer assistance, creating a stronger and more supportive network in these unique locations on the route to Lower Tomay, especially when a colleague's taxi breaks down. The refusal of a humble offering by Brendon, expressing the importance of the act of helping, adds a poignant touch to this inspiring story.

A Blessing for Sir Brendon

As we conclude this narrative, a heartfelt message to Sir Brendon: May God bless you and your family abundantly for your selfless actions and unwavering spirit of community support. Your kindness has not only impacted those directly involved but resonates as a beacon of positivity within the broader community. Thank you for embodying the true essence of compassion and solidarity.

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