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The 2nd Tour of Besao: MTB Challenge Winners and Results

Here are the winners of the Tour of Besao MTB Challenge, a thrilling cycling event in the scenic Mountain Province.

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Explore the results of the Tour of Besao cycling race, showcasing top finishers across various age categories. A celebration of skill and community. Photo: Thelma Tayaotao Lamagan

The scenic Kankana-ey town of Besao, located in the Mountain Province of the Cordilleras region of the Philippines, recently hosted its highly anticipated 2nd annual Tour of Besao: MTB Challenge. Spearheaded by Samuel Tanan Egsaen Jr. in collaboration with DepEd Besao, the local government unit (LGU), and various community partners, this cycling event was not just about competition but also about giving back to the community by supporting the restoration of the Besao Central School grounds.

Held alongside the lively Ubaya Festival of Besao, the Tour of Besao brought together cycling enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds on March 2, 2024. The event was a resounding success, attracting riders united by their love for cycling and their commitment to the local community.

Photo: Ilocano Express Racing Team

A Day of Competitive Spirit and Camaraderie

The event commenced with on-site registration and accommodation arrangements at the Besao Central School on March 1, setting the stage for an exciting race. Participants received race bibs and commemorative t-shirts, signaling their readiness for the challenges ahead.

The race route, carefully planned to showcase Besao's natural beauty while providing a challenging course, stretched from Kin-iway through Banao, Suquib, and various other locales. The course included a 2km off-road segment from Padangaan to Sakkaan and a challenging 1.8km ascent from Sakkaan to Kin-iway, testing the cyclists' skills and endurance.

Recognition and Rewards

The Tour of Besao offered generous prizes and perks to participants. With a registration fee of P1,000, participants enjoyed three meals, a snack, complimentary lodging, souvenir shirts, and assured cash prizes across all categories. Cash rewards ranged from P4,000 for champions to P500 for 5th place finishers.

In addition to cash prizes, top finishers received meticulously crafted trophies, while medals were awarded to those placing 4th to 10th, highlighting the event's commitment to excellence and achievement.

Final and Official Results

The race concluded with outstanding performances across various categories, with cash prizes recognizing the top achievers. Champions received 4,000 PHP, while second-place finishers earned 3,000 PHP, third-place finishers secured 2,000 PHP, and fourth-place finishers garnered 1,000 PHP. Participants placing 5th received 500 PHP.

In the 17 Years Old and Below category, cash prizes extended to 6th to 10th place, with each receiving 500 PHP. However, in other categories, cash prizes were awarded only up to the 5th position. Special awards, each accompanied by a cash prize of 1,000 PHP, added further excitement to the event.

Female Open Category (14 Registrants but only 2 survived the race)

Rank Name Hometown
1 Fernalyn Hidalgo Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya
2 Crisanta Salas Piat, Cagayan

17 Years Old and Below Category

Rank Name Hometown
1 Jemuel Aggalao Tabuk City
2 John Ashley Merculio Sinait, Ilocos Sur
3 Gregory Jade Coloma Tabuk City
4 Gwen Coteng La Trinidad, Benguet
5 Xander Lee Sales La Trinidad, Benguet
6 Shankurt Lucio Santol, La Union
7 Zhander Zeen Subang Bontoc, Mt. Province
8 Ferdinand Dicdican Besao, Mt. Province
9 Heinrich Palangeo Besao, Mt. Province
10 Sam Lestat Angcaway Besao, Mt. Province

18 - 29 Years Old Category

Rank Name Hometown
1 Anthony Morales Baguio City
2 Jofer Cuyob Tabuk City
3 Allan Jhay Tupasi Sinait, Ilocos Sur
4 Keith Mendisar Baguio City
5 John Carlo Barbado Sinait, Ilocos Sur
6 Matt Andrei Quirino Batac, Ilocos Norte
7 Jemart Apaan La Trinidad, Benguet
8 Ephraim Inigo Sinait, Ilocos Sur
9 Kirby Ciano Baguio City
10 Arjayvie Velasco Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya

30 - 39 Years Old Category

Rank Name Hometown
1 Nathaniel Uvero Cabagan, Isabela
2 Gideon Rex Mayet-an Baguio City
3 Ariesly Ngina La Trinidad, Benguet
4 Heronimo Garcia La Trinidad, Benguet
5 Albin Victore La Trinidad, Benguet
6 Nazaer Dukiling La Trinidad, Benguet
7 Brian Buma-a La Trinidad, Benguet
8 Anjo Ambrosio La Trinidad, Benguet
9 Jerson Gimmick Bulanao, Tabuk City
10 Hiroshi Warren Angcaway Besao, Mt. Province

40 - 49 Years Old Category

Rank Name Hometown
1 Allan Tapuro Cabugao, Ilocos Sur
2 Cube Spongklong La Trinidad, Benguet
3 Andy Pindasan La Trinidad, Benguet
4 Ernest Pacalso La Trinidad, Benguet
5 Gerry Dayoan Sinait, Ilocos Sur
6 Paul Soriano San Juan, La Union
7 Lourance Baguilat Baguio City
8 Timothy Paul Sumeg-ang Baguio City
9 Dimas Comicho, Jr. Bonton, Mt. Province
10 Ariel Subang Bontoc, Mt. Province

50 - 59 Years Old Category

Rank Name Hometown
1 Benjie Abalos La Trinidad, Benguet
2 Melvin Odsey Besao, Mt. Province
3 Estin Awingan Baguio City
4 Antz Tal Baguio City
5 Fermin Nalitom Baguio City
6 William Tulas La Trinidad, Benguet
7 Oliver Fernandez San Fernando City, La Union
8 Oliver Paculan Besao, Mt. Province
9 Nelson Salinas La Trinidad, Benguet
10 Frederic Cortez Baguio City

Special Awards

Award Recipient Hometown
Youngest Male Biker Jhaxia Jay Egsaen Besao, Mt. Province
Youngest Male Finisher Sam Lestat Angcaway Besao, Mt. Province
Oldest Male Finisher Col. Ernest Gaab Besao, Mt. Province
Youngest Female Finisher Fernalyn Hidalgo Nueva Vizcaya
Oldest Female Finisher Crisanta Salas Piat, Cagayan
Last Biker to Arrive Fr. Mardevic Dicdican Besao, Mt. Province
Biker From the Farthest Place Jarwyn Banatao Cavite

A Communal Triumph

The 2nd Tour of Besao was more than a bike race; it was a manifestation of community spirit, where every pedal stroke contributed to a greater cause. The event's slogan, "Nakapadyak ka na, nakatulong ka pa," perfectly encapsulates the dual achievement of each participant-pushing their limits while aiding the Besao Central School.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants who, through their efforts, made a significant difference in the lives of the Besao community. As we look forward to future editions, the Tour of Besao stands as a beacon of hope, unity, and the enduring power of sport to enact positive change.


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