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Asipulo Rampage: 7 Victims of Bolo Attack Make Significant Recovery

Seven out of nine victims of a brutal bolo attack in Asipulo, Ifugao, are making significant progress in their recovery.

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LGU officials and MLGU Service Office provide immediate care and financial assistance to families of victims in Barangay Amduntog, Asipulo, Ifugao. Photo: Public Information-Asipulo, Ifugao

In Asipulo, seven out of nine victims of a brutal bolo attack in Amduntog have made significant progress in their recovery. The Asipulo Information Office shared this update on their Facebook page on Thursday, October 26.

To recap, during the attack, a 5-year-old child named Franz Joe Tognaon lost his life, and others sustained serious injuries from bolo strikes. Those injured included Michael Tukal, Tomas Tayaban, Esperanza Tadao, Jenarize Dinamling, Melanie Tahin, Aldrick Hagada, Joselyn Tognaon, Viana Tognaon, and Austine Espiritu.

The attacker, Davis Bullong, was an ex-convict who was reportedly experiencing hallucinations, although there were no medical records confirming his mental state. In an effort to prevent further harm, Bullong was shot in the leg and was declared dead upon arrival.

The Asipulo Local Government Unit acted promptly, providing immediate assistance to the victims' families. They also organized a debriefing session for the students of Asipulo Central School on October 23 to help them process the traumatic events.

This is a story of resilience in the face of adversity. The survivors, despite the odds, are on their path to recovery, and the community has come together to support them. As we continue to follow their progress, it's a reminder that even in difficult times, healing is possible, and there's strength in unity.

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