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Baguio City: The Wealthiest City Outside Metro Manila

Baguio was the wealthiest city outside Metro Manila, per PSA data. Discover what it means for residents and its impact on the local community.

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Discover why Baguio City is hailed as the wealthiest outside Metro Manila in the latest PSA report. Explore its economic strength now!

Baguio City, situated in the Cordillera Administrative Region in the northern part of the Philippines, stands out as a beacon of economic prosperity beyond the bustling metropolis of Metro Manila. According to a recent report by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), released in November to December 2023, Baguio City shines as the wealthiest city outside the capital region, boasting an average Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per person of P420,016. This figure starkly contrasts with the national average of P178,751, highlighting the city's robust economic performance.

Understanding Per Capita GDP

Per capita GDP is a vital metric for gauging the economic well-being of a region's residents. It measures the average economic output per person within a city, region, or country. For simple citizens, a high per capita GDP translates into several key benefits:

  1. Better Job Opportunities: High per capita GDP often indicates a strong economy with more job openings and lower unemployment rates. This means citizens have a better chance of finding employment or improving their job prospects.

  2. Higher Incomes: A robust economy with high per capita GDP usually results in higher wages and salaries for workers. This means that citizens may earn more money, allowing them to afford a better quality of life and meet their financial needs more easily.

  3. Improved Living Standards: With higher incomes and more job opportunities, citizens can enjoy an improved standard of living. They may have access to better healthcare, education, housing, and other essential services, contributing to overall well-being and quality of life.

  4. Greater Consumer Choices: A thriving economy often leads to a diverse range of goods and services available in the market. Citizens may have access to a wider variety of products and services, allowing them to choose items that best suit their needs and preferences.

  5. Investment in Infrastructure: High per capita GDP can enable governments to invest in infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, public transportation, and utilities. Improved infrastructure can enhance citizens' daily lives by making transportation more efficient, providing access to essential services, and supporting economic growth.

Top Contenders Beyond Baguio

While Baguio City leads the pack, other cities in the Philippines also demonstrate considerable economic strength. Baguio City itself boasts an impressive per capita GDP, making it a significant economic player in the country. Cagayan de Oro, Lapu Lapu City, and Iloilo City follow closely behind, with per capita GDP figures exceeding the national average. These cities, alongside Baguio, represent hubs of economic activity outside Metro Manila, attracting businesses and residents alike with their promising prospects.

However, the PPA findings only covered 16 pilot regions outside NCR, including 82 provinces and 17 Urbanized Cities in a study conducted from November to December 2023.

Here's a table showcasing the top contenders based on per capita GDP:

City Per Capita GDP (PHP)
Baguio City 420,016
Cagayan de Oro 343,936
Lapu Lapu City 313,039
Iloilo City 306,444
Cebu City 293,426
Laguna 287,280
Mandaue City 274,376
Davao City 258,811
Batanes 251,955

These cities, including Baguio, represent hubs of economic activity outside Metro Manila, attracting businesses and residents alike with their promising prospects. However, it's important to note that the rankings may vary based on different economic indicators and factors.

Factors Influencing Economic Wealth

Beyond GDP figures, several factors contribute to the economic wealth of a city or province. Inflation rates, cost of living, and local industries all play pivotal roles in shaping the economic landscape. Baguio City's success can be attributed not only to its thriving tourism industry but also to its strategic location and favorable business climate, which attract investments and drive economic growth.


In conclusion, Baguio City's position as the wealthiest city outside Metro Manila underscores its economic resilience and potential for growth. As businesses and individuals seek opportunities beyond the confines of the capital region, cities like Baguio stand out as beacons of prosperity, offering a glimpse into the economic diversity and dynamism of the Philippines. With a thriving economy and promising prospects, Baguio City continues to shine as a symbol of success in the nation's economic landscape.


1. What factors contribute to Baguio City being the wealthiest outside Metro Manila?

Baguio City's economic prosperity can be attributed to several factors, including its thriving tourism industry, strategic location, favorable business climate, and robust infrastructure.

2. How does Baguio City's GDP per capita compare to the national average?

Baguio City's GDP per capita exceeds the national average by a significant margin, indicating higher economic prosperity and wealth among its residents.

3. What opportunities does Baguio City's economic wealth present for its residents?

With Baguio City's economic prosperity, residents may have access to better job opportunities, higher incomes, improved living standards, and a wider range of consumer choices.

4. How does Baguio City's economic performance compare to other cities in the Philippines?

Baguio City ranks as one of the top contenders in economic performance among cities outside Metro Manila, with its high GDP per capita and thriving economic sectors.

5. What role does the local government play in leveraging Baguio City's economic prosperity?

The local government of Baguio City plays a crucial role in promoting economic growth, attracting investments, and implementing policies that support the city's development and well-being.

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