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Baguio JKrayonz: Securing Four "Yeses" on Pilipinas Got Talent Audition

Baguio JKrayonz impresses on their Pilipinas Got Talent audition, securing four "yeses" from the judges.

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Baguio JKrayonz shines on their Pilipinas Got Talent audition, demonstrating their talent and earning four 'yeses' from the judges.

Baguio JKrayonz, the lively dance group from Baguio City and Benguet, left an indelible mark on the stage of Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT). Their energetic performance not only showcased their incredible talent but also celebrated Igorot culture, earning approval from all four judges.

Embracing Ethnic Identity

Baguio JKrayonz stood out for their pride in their ethnic identity. Vice Ganda commended the group for embracing their ethnicity and making it a key part of their performance, sentiments echoed by Robin Padilla.

"I admire how you seamlessly incorporated traditional music and dance into your performance without detracting from its impact. Your group is memorable because you fully embraced your ethnicity. Congratulations!" - Vice Ganda

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Baguio JKrayonz impressed the audience by seamlessly blending indigenous music and dance with a modern twist. Their performance garnered praise from the judges, particularly FMG.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your performance, and congratulations, you executed it exceptionally well." - FMG

FMG's sentiment echoed Vice Ganda's appreciation for the group's authentic representation of Filipino and Igorot culture.

Advancing to the Next Stage

With four resounding "yeses" from the judges and enthusiastic applause from the audience, Baguio JKrayonz secured their spot in the next stage of the competition. Their journey on Pilipinas Got Talent not only showcases their talent but also celebrates cultural diversity and heritage.

Conclusion: Celebrating Diversity Through Performance

Baguio JKrayonz's impressive performance on Pilipinas Got Talent transcends entertainment; it's a celebration of cultural diversity and identity. By seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, they've not only entertained but also educated audiences about the richness of Filipino culture. As they continue their journey on the show, they serve as ambassadors for their community, inspiring others to embrace their heritage with pride.

Born Igorot, Die Igorot

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