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Carl Jammes Martin: Ifugao Warrior wins WBO Global Super Bantamweight Title

Carl Jammes Martin won the vacant WBO Global Super Bantamweight title after knocking out the Thai veteran. Aims for Inoue-Tapales match winner next.

Securing the vacant WBO Global Super Bantamweight title, Carl Jammes Martin delivered a knockout to the Thai veteran. Now, he sets his sights on challenging the winner of the Inoue-Tapales match for his next bout.

In a fierce showdown at Elorde Sports Center, the Igorot warrior, Carl Jammes "Wonder Boy" Martin, hailing from Ifugao, emerged triumphant, securing the WBO Global Super Bantamweight title against Thai veteran Chaiwat Buatkrathok. Martin, undefeated with 23 wins and 18 knockouts, strategically utilized body punches from Rounds 2-4 to set the stage for a defining moment in Round 6.

The real turning point came when Martin, drawing from his Igorot roots, unleashed a powerful right uppercut, sealing the victory with a knockout. This remarkable achievement not only adds another win to Martin's impressive record but also highlights the prowess of the Igorot fighter from the highlands of Ifugao.

Martin's Next Move

Martin, now signed with MP Promotions, eyes the WBO world title held by Naoya Inoue. But there's a twist - a potential all-Filipino bout if Marlon Tapales beats Inoue on Dec. 26 for the 122-pound championship.

Domingo Takes WBO Global Flyweight Belt

In another match, Esneth Domingo secured the WBO global flyweight belt against Michael Bravo. Despite Bravo's efforts, Domingo's right straight in Round 11 sealed the deal. Domingo's record stands at 19-2 with 11 knockouts.

Plania's Quick Victory in Super Featherweight

Mike Plania swiftly defeated Daniel Nicolas in the super featherweight division, moving up to lightweight. Plania's left hook secured victory in just 71 seconds. Now 29-3 with 16 finishes, Plania shows dominance in both weight classes.

These matches at Elorde Sports Center solidify Martin, Domingo, and Plania in their divisions. Victories set the stage for future challenges and triumphs in the dynamic world of boxing.

Carl Jammes Martin wins WBO Global Super Bantamweight title

Conclusion: Carl Jammes Martin's Triumph

Carl Jammes Martin, the Ifugao warrior, secured the WBO global super bantamweight title with an undefeated record of 23 wins and 18 knockouts. His strategic prowess and a powerful right uppercut in Round 6 highlighted the strength of his Igorot roots.

Now part of MP Promotions, Martin targets the WBO world title held by Naoya Inoue, with the potential for an all-Filipino clash if Marlon Tapales wins on Dec. 26. Alongside Esneth Domingo and Mike Plania, Martin solidifies his position and looks ahead to future challenges.

Carl Jammes Martin's impact on boxing goes beyond titles. He proudly represents Ifugao, infusing every punch with the spirit of the Igorot warrior. As his journey unfolds, anticipation builds for the next chapter in the remarkable saga of Carl Jammes Martin.

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