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Cordilleran Athletes Win Three Gold Medals in International Muay Thai Championship

Cordilleran athletes from Baguio City secure three gold medals in the International Muay Thai Championship, held in Thailand.

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Cordilleran athletes from Baguio City sweep three gold medals in the International Muay Thai Championship.

In the world of Muay Thai, where grit and skill are paramount, three young girls from Baguio City have emerged as rising stars. Krisha S. Facsoy, Audhrie Mae D. Bacod, and Nanet M. Sumbang, all students at Happy Hollow National High School, have showcased their prowess on the international stage at the 5th Pro-Am World Muay Thai Championship held in Pattaya, Thailand from March 11 to 15, 2024.

Impressive Debut on the Global Stage

Despite being newcomers to the sport, Facsoy, Bacod, and Sumbang displayed exceptional talent and determination, securing gold medals in their respective weight categories. Facsoy triumphed in the 48 kg category, Bacod excelled in the 55 kg category, and Sumbang emerged victorious in the 42 kg bracket. Their remarkable achievements are a testament to their dedication and the quality of training they have received.

Nurturing Young Talent

Guiding these young athletes is their coach, Francisco Wangag, whose expertise and guidance have been instrumental in their success. Under Wangag's tutelage, Facsoy, Bacod, and Sumbang have honed their skills and developed the mental fortitude required to compete at the highest level. Wangag's commitment to nurturing talent has not only produced champions but has also instilled in his students the values of discipline and perseverance.

Local Heroes Inspiring Future Generations

Hailing from Baguio City, known for its rich martial arts culture, these girls have become local heroes, inspiring other aspiring athletes in their community. Their achievements serve as a reminder that with dedication and hard work, anything is possible. By representing their school and city on the international stage, Facsoy, Bacod, and Sumbang have brought pride to their hometown and inspired a new generation of athletes to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

Versatility and Ambition

Looking ahead, Bacod and Facsoy are gearing up for the upcoming CARAA meet in Apayao, where they will showcase their talents in different martial arts disciplines. Bacod will compete in Pencak Silat, while Facsoy will participate in Wushu Sanda, demonstrating their versatility and ambition beyond Muay Thai. Their willingness to challenge themselves in new arenas underscores their determination to excel in any endeavor they pursue.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

Krisha S. Facsoy, Audhrie Mae D. Bacod, and Nanet M. Sumbang have proven themselves as formidable competitors in the world of Muay Thai. Their success on the international stage is a testament to their talent, dedication, and the support they receive from their coach and community. As they continue to hone their skills and pursue their dreams, the future looks incredibly bright for these young athletes from Baguio City.

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