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Darius Frias Jr: Transforming Scrap Metals into Captivating Art

Discover the creative journey of Darius Frias Jr., an Igorot artist crafting captivating metal sculptures from recycled scraps.

Discover the artistry of Darius Frias Jr., an Igorot artist creating stunning metal sculptures. Uncover the blend of creativity and sustainable practices.

In the heartland of La Trinidad, Benguet, a remarkable artist named Darius Frias Jr. has emerged, reshaping the narrative of metal through his unique craftsmanship. This Igorot artist, with over a decade of experience as a machine fabricator, has seamlessly transitioned from the world of fabrication to the realm of artistic expression.

Darius Frias Jr.

From Fabrication to Artistry: Junior's Creative Odyssey

Darius, fondly known as Junior, discovered his artistic calling amidst the scenic beauty of Sagada, Mountain Province. It was a motorcycle challenge that marked the turning point in his career, as he ventured beyond traditional metalwork to craft a trophy. This seemingly simple act unleashed a torrent of creativity, leading Junior to repurpose discarded metal scraps into intricate and captivating sculptures.

DOST's Support: Catalyzing Artistic Innovation

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) recognized Junior's potential and included him in the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program.

The provision of a welding machine became a catalyst, enabling Junior not only to create artistic wonders but also to fashion practical equipment such as coffee pulpers, roasters, and sugarcane crushers.

Government Initiatives Fostering Artistic Endeavors

Junior's story exemplifies the impact of government initiatives in fostering local talent. DOST's role in empowering artisans like him showcases a commitment to bridging the gap between creativity and structured support systems. The welding machine, initially a tool for artistic expression, transformed into a means of contributing to local economic development.

Crafting Local Products: Junior's Role in DOST's Programs

As a supplier for government programs like DOST's Local Grants-In-Aid Program, Junior has become an integral part of the movement towards sustainable, locally-produced goods.

His innovative approach not only breathes new life into discarded materials but also contributes to the creation of products that support small organizations and stimulate economic growth.

Showcasing Igorot Talent: Mountain Province Craft Exposition

Recently, Junior and fellow artists took center stage at the Mountain Province Craft Exposition. This event, a celebration of local talent, provided a platform for artists to exhibit their inventive abilities. Junior's participation underscored not just his artistic prowess but also the collective vibrancy of Igorot artists in the region.

Connect with Junior Frias

For those captivated by Junior's journey, reaching out is a simple endeavor. Whether through a phone call at 09066845914 or a visit to his Facebook account, Junior Frias, the door to a world where scrap metals transform into artistry awaits.


Darius Frias Jr.'s artistic odyssey is a testament to the transformative power of creativity within the Igorot community. From a machine fabricator to an artist breathing life into discarded metal, Junior exemplifies the fusion of tradition and innovation.

As we delve into his narrative, let's celebrate not just an Igorot artist but a visionary who turns scrap metals into timeless pieces of art, enriching both cultural heritage and artistic expression.

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