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Nestor Daguines: Crafting Igorot Cinema - The Man Behind Lampitok

Explore the genius of Nestor "Boyong" Daguines, the mastermind behind the "Lampitok" animated series and other iconic films in the Igorot community.

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Explore the cinematic prowess of Nestor Daguines, the visionary behind Igorot Cinema's Lampitok Animated Series, showcasing brilliance in independent filmmaking.

Nestor "Boyong" Daguines: A Self-Taught Filmmaker's Journey

Nestor Daguines, affectionately known as "Boyong," emerges as a cinematic force, defying traditional norms in the realm of filmmaking. Hailing from Buguias, Benguet, this full-blooded Igorot, has ignited a spark in the world of film with his unique story of passion, determination, and self-taught expertise.

Nestor Daguines, the Igorot behind the Lampitok Animated Series

Early Years and Inspirations

Boyong's journey traces back to his childhood, where an innate love for movies sparked a desire to bring stories to life. As a young boy, he found himself impersonating actors, unknowingly laying the foundation for a future in filmmaking. This early passion lingered in the background until it flourished into a full-fledged pursuit of his dreams.

From Driver to Director: Unveiling the Filmmaker Within

In 2011, while working as a van driver from La Trinidad to Urdaneta, Boyong stumbled upon his latent interest in filmmaking. Initially a pastime, he experimented with his camera, laying the groundwork for what would become his cinematic odyssey. Surprisingly, it was not until 2012 that Boyong produced "Buso," an action movie that garnered encouraging acclaim, signaling a shift in his focus towards filmmaking.

The Journey of Self-Learning

What sets Boyong apart is his unyielding commitment to learning the art of filmmaking on his terms. Armed with an eagerness to learn, he turned to YouTube to grasp the intricacies of the craft. From mastering camera angles to delving into storytelling techniques, Boyong's self-learning approach became the cornerstone of his unique filmmaking style.

Recognition and Opportunities: A Humble Stance

Despite his growing recognition and an invitation to speak at a prestigious workshop for filmmakers, Boyong chose humility over immediate accolades. Declining the invitation, he believed he still needed more training, showcasing a rare humility and commitment to continuous improvement.

Challenges and Ambitions

Boyong's journey is not without challenges. Limited by equipment and resources, he faces the hurdles of creating quality films with just one camera and tripod. Undeterred, he envisions acquiring more equipment to elevate the quality of his productions, a testament to his unwavering dedication.

Lessons in Filmmaking: Attitude and Socialization

Boyong imparts invaluable lessons for aspiring filmmakers. He emphasizes the importance of attitude, stressing that being a director doesn't equate to always being right. A receptive mindset, he believes, is crucial, as every person involved in production contributes a lesson.

Another lesson Boyong shares is the significance of socialization. Overcoming his initial shyness, he highlights the importance of connecting with others in the industry, underlining its impact on the filmmaking process.

Cordilleran Filmmaker Community: Strength in Unity

A proud member of the Cordillera Indigenous Audion and Video Association (CIAVA), Boyong recognizes the strength found in community support. Collaboration and shared experiences within this organization contribute to the growth of Igorot filmmakers, fostering a sense of unity.

Boyong's Cinematic Portfolio: Illuminating Stories

Amidst Boyong's journey, his films stand as milestones, each contributing to his evolution as a filmmaker. "Buso" (2012), an action movie that received encouraging acclaim, marked his foray into the world of filmmaking. Following this, "Christine" (2011) explored the intricacies of a married couple's life, showcasing Boyong's early storytelling endeavors.

In addition to these, Boyong directed "Sik-a et Baw" (2012), "White Lady" (2012), a horror film shot in a single day, and "Di Ka Maupay" (2013). His most recent film with a formal script, "Banor di Pamilya" (2014), adds to his growing repertoire. Notably, "Lampitok," an animation series, became a hit in the Igorot community, further solidifying Boyong's presence and influence.

Future Endeavors: Aspirations and Collaborations

Boyong's aspirations extend beyond personal success. He envisions creating films that resonate not just with Cordillerans but with a national audience. An upcoming action film, possibly in collaboration with another filmmaker, is in the pipeline, with hopes of entering independent film competitions.

Conclusion: A Cinematic Odyssey Unfurls

Nestor "Boyong" Daguines' journey from a van driver to a recognized filmmaker is a testament to the transformative power of passion and self-driven learning. His commitment to continuous improvement, humility in the face of recognition, and aspirations for broader audiences solidify his place as a trailblazer in the world of filmmaking. As Boyong paves the way for future filmmakers, his story stands as a beacon of inspiration for those daring to carve their own path in the cinematic landscape.

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