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Two Cordillerans are PNPA HINIRANG Class 2021 Topnotchers

Two Cordillerans are among the Top 10 topnotchers of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) "Hinirang" Class of 2021.

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P/CDT Joel James Jose De Guzman and P/CDT Ian Poyaoan Limbawan are among the Top 10 topnotchers of the PNPA "Hinirang "Class of 2021.

P/CDT Joel James Jose De Guzman, from Malubibit Norte, Flora, Apayao and P/CDT Ian Poyaoan Limbawan of Baguio City are among the Top 10 topnotchers of the 254-strong members of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) "Hinirang "Class of 2021.

P/CDT Joel James Jose De Guzman, Top 3 of Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) "Hinirang "Class of 2021

P/CDT Joel James Jose De Guzman, the "DREAM-CATCHER OF APAYAO", ranked Third in the class. He is the second child of a retired Army soldier and a humble housewife. He completed his primary education at Malubibit Elementary School as a valedictorian and his secondary education at Flora National High School.

He was enrolled as a Bachelor of Science in Criminology student at Cagayan State University - Sanchez Mira Campus when he applied for the PNPA entrance exam and passed.

P/CDT De Guzman will be receiving the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government Kampilan Award.

P/CDT Ian Poyaoan Limbawan, Top 8 of Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) "Hinirang "Class of 2021

P/CDT Ian Poyaoan Limbawan is the class Top 8 and was named Honorable Cadet First Captain of the PNPA "Hinirang" Class of 2021. His mother is a laundry service cashier from San Carlos Pangasinan and his father is a humble Police Lieutenant from Lamut, Ifugao.

P/CDT Limbawan was a consistent honor student. He was a class salutatorian at Aguinaldo Elementary School in the City of Baguio and also the class salutatorian of his class at Pines City National High School. He was also enrolled as a Criminology student at the University of the Cordilleras when he took the PNPA admission test.

The members of the PNPA "Hinirang" Class of 2021 will graduate at Camp General Mariano N. CastaƱeda in Silang, Cavite on April 21 through a virtual ceremony.

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