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Congress to honor Cordilleran Wuhan, China volunteer

A Cordilleran from Bangued, Abra who volunteered to help repatriate Filipinos from Wuhan, China will be honored by Congress.

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The Bisquera-Bejarin Family in Lipcan, Bangued, Abra is very proud of their brave brother who was one of the volunteers sent to Wuhan, China to help OFWs return to our country from the ground zero of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) .

The family thanked those who prayed for the safety of Sanny Darren Bisquera Bejarin who served as Protocol Officer and Attaché of the Philippine Consulate in Shanghai, China.

Bejarin and Mark Anthony Geguera served on the Rescue Team of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) who conducted repatriation of OFWs at ground zero of COVID-19.

" Noong nalaman ng mga kapatid ko na nasa Ground Zero sila...nag iyakan kami pati pamilya niya...pero kami sa trabaho namin sa DFA is to look fornthe Welfare sa ating mga kababayan.......Again kabsat agyaman kami iti karkararag yo amin......"the Pride of Abra", according to his sister Girlie Caba (she was also with the DFA and just finished her tour of duty in Kuwait).

Sanny Darren Bisquera Bejarin | Facebook page
Sanny Darren Bisquera Bejarin Facebook page

According to the family, his courage should be imitated as he is willing to make sacrifices for those who need his services.

The assisted OFWs also expressed their gratitude as Bejarin and Geguera assured that they would be comfortable on their return to the country.

The two are expected to be honored in Congress before Bejarin returns to his tour of duty in Shanghai, China on March 6.

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