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A Cordilleran Policewoman's Selfless Act of Breastfeeding at Women's Month Celebration

More Than a Uniform: Witness the selfless act as a Cordilleran Policewoman breastfeeds a stranger's baby at an event, offering comfort and support.

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Experience the extraordinary as a Cordilleran policewoman goes beyond the call of duty, offering comfort, support, and compassion by breastfeeding a stranger's baby at an event. Dive into her inspiring tale of humanity!

During a National Women's Month celebration, PATROLWOMAN Neslea Taoaguen, a Cordilleran police officer, displayed remarkable compassion by offering her breast milk to a solo parent's baby in need. This heartwarming act transcended professional boundaries and embodied the true spirit of community support.

Photo: Pnp Abra SanJuan

A Mother's Intuition Amidst Celebration

Maymalyn Bolante, a single parent and person with disabilities, attended the event with her two daughters, one of whom was a seven-month-old baby. PAT Neslea Taoaguen and NUP Janemil Ugan noticed that the baby didn't stop crying and the other kid was restless.

When they asked the mother, she explained that they hadn't had breakfast and didn't have any money with them. Additionally, the baby was not wearing a diaper, and her clothes were wet, contributing to her distress. Responding quickly, PAT Neslea Taoaguen and NUP Janemil Ugan sought out a nearby store where they could purchase food and diapers for the mother and her daughters.

Photo: Pnp Abra SanJuan

Beyond Immediate Needs: A Gift of Nourishment

However, the baby's cries persisted due to hunger and the absence of formula milk. Recognizing the urgency, Taoaguen, a breastfeeding mother herself, made an extraordinary offer: to breastfeed the baby. This selfless act provided not just sustenance but also comfort and a mother's touch.

Photo: Pnp Abra SanJuan

More Than a Uniform: The Cordilleran Spirit Shines

Neslea's gesture transcends her role as a police officer. It highlights the deep-rooted empathy and compassion within the Cordilleran community. Her act serves as a powerful reminder that kindness and support can bridge differences and uplift our communities.

Let's Be Inspired

As we reflect on this touching story, let us remember the importance of empathy and solidarity. May we be inspired by Neslea's example to offer support to those in need, creating a more caring and nurturing world for all.

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