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Ranee House of Curry: A local resto with great food and superb customer service

Your next cheat day destination.

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Yes! Fur babies are allowed! In the Photo: A fur baby at Al fresco dining. Photo grabbed at Ranee House of Curry FB Page.

I've been living here in Baguio for more than a year now, and I must say that the selection of local resto is getting thinner and thinner by the day. Aside from the fact that most of them are set up as 'cafes' that only offer sweets and a monotonous selection of western foods; pasta, pizza, buffalo wings, etc., the lack of savory and other international dishes are also becoming a drag when deciding what to eat on my cheat day.

Fortunately, last January on one of my jogs at the athletic bowl, I met this sweet guy who happens to co-own a resto around the outskirt of town, Ranee House of Curry.

In the Picture: Entrance and alfresco dining of Ranee House of Curry. Image by Kim Villanueva.

The restaurant is more than decent, aside from being clean and well-lighted, I can vouch that it's picturesque.

In the Photo: Alfresco dining of Ranee House of Curry. Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: Two-seater tables with a view, dine-in area. Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: Two, three, and four-seaters tables, dine-in area with fireplace. Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: Long tables, dine-in area. Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: dine-in area. Image by Kim Villanueva.

And it becomes cozier at night, plus the fact that they are also pet friendly.

In the Photo: A fur baby at Alfresco dining. Photo grabbed at Ranee House of Curry FB Page.

In the Photo: Furbaby, Jassy, playing with one of the guests. Image by @jhodesaga, grabbed at Ranee House of Curry FB Page.

Their menu consists of a wide selection of Indian food and a few international favorites from their sister restaurant Felipé 25.

In the Photo: Chicken Curry Masala Tali Set Meal. Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: Chicken Curry Masala. Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: Beef Samosa (Ranee) and Thai Chai Tea (Felipe25). Image by Kim Villanueva.

In the Photo: Seafood Laksa, Vegetable Biryani, Samosa, and Tamarind Iced tea. Image by @savegsoulph, grabbed at Ranee House of Curry FB Page.

In the Picture: two sets of kebabs paired with both Mexican and Medditerean set meal. Photo by @erikamaux, grabbed at Felipé 25 FB page.

Most of their ingredients are locally procured to guarantee freshness; such as their meats and veggies. The head chef and his partners themselves alternately buy most of it from the local market at the heart of the city, 3-4 times a week. But to guarantee the delicate taste of Indian cuisine, their spices and other key ingredients are procured by a middle man from India and they buy it to him/her.

Aside from their food and picturesque ambiance, they are also becoming well-known for their superb customer service. They have wifi and sockets that could be used by customers who would like to work there and tho they only have a few street parking, the owners would definitely help you with it, just ask for their assistance.

In the Photo: A love note from Scout Barrio; Thank you for the GREAT FOOD and EXCELLENT Customer Service. Photo grabbed at Ranee House of Curry FB Page.

The staff of this local resto is a mixture of Baguio locals, Palaweños, Ilocanos, Kapampangans, and Tagalogs. Most of them have worked together for around five years which made their service smooth.

Ranee House of Curry and its sister restaurant Felipé 25 are great examples of local resto here in the City of Baguio that cater to the preferences of both the locals and the tourists.

Im not an Igorot but I do love their culture and history, makes me proud to be a Filipino.

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