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Cordillera Administrative Region Festivals

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Festivals in the Cordilleras that Igorot and festival-goers celebrate throughout the year.

Boys over flowers: Panagbenga Boys, Baguio City 2018 | ctto
Boys over flowers: Panagbenga Boys, Baguio City 2018 ctto

Cordillera Administrative Region festivals are vibrant, each one is notable in its unique way. There are more than 22 institutionalized festivals in the region, each featuring unique products, cultures, events, and talents.

The richness of attractions and traditions in the Cordilleras provides so many reasons to celebrate!

Here are some of the different festivals in the Cordilleras that Igorot and festival-goers celebrate throughout the year.

Month‌ Dates‌ Festival‌ Province‌ Municipality‌ Highlight‌ ‌Events‌
January Jan.‌ ‌30 -‌ ‌Feb.‌ ‌4‌ Etag‌ ‌Festival‌ Mountain‌ ‌Province‌ Sagada‌  ‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dancing‌ ‌Parade‌
  • Unity‌ ‌Dance‌
February ‌Month‌ ‌Long‌ Flower‌ ‌Festival/‌ ‌Panagbenga ‌Baguio‌ ‌City‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Street‌ ‌Dancing‌ ‌Parade‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Float‌ ‌Parade‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Fireworks‌
  • Session‌ ‌Road‌ ‌in‌ ‌Bloom‌
12-16‌ Ullalim‌‌ ‌Festival‌ Kalinga‌ Tabuk‌ ‌City‌
  • Amung‌ ‌Chi‌ ‌Bodong‌
  • Awong‌ ‌Chi‌ ‌Gangsa‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Parade‌ ‌and‌ ‌People's‌ ‌Day‌
14‌ Say-Am-Talip-Tado‌c‌‌ ‌Festival‌ ‌and‌ ‌Apayao‌ ‌Day‌ Apayao‌ Province‌ ‌Wide‌
  • Cultural‌ ‌activities‌ ‌including‌ ‌dances‌ ‌and‌ ‌rituals‌
15-23‌ Dapil‌‌ ‌Festival‌ Abra‌ Bangued‌
  • Trade‌ ‌Fair‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dancing‌ ‌and‌ ‌Ground‌ ‌Demo‌ ‌Competition‌
March First‌ ‌Week‌ Manchatchatong‌ ‌Festival‌ Kalinga‌ Balbalan‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dancing‌
  • Cultural‌ ‌Games‌
5-12‌ Iloko-Tingguian‌ ‌Festival‌ Abra‌ Bangued‌
  • Marching‌ ‌Band‌ ‌Competition‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Float‌ ‌Parade‌
5-6‌ Laga‌ ‌Festival‌ Kalinga‌ Lubuagan‌
  • Cultural‌ ‌Performances‌
  • Laga‌ ‌Fashion‌ ‌Show‌
6-9‌ Kawayan‌ ‌Festival‌ Abra‌ Bangued‌
  • Pammadayaw‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dancing‌ ‌and‌ ‌Grand‌ ‌Demo‌ ‌Competition‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Parade‌
6-10‌ Arya‌ ‌Abra‌ ‌‌Festival‌ Abra‌ Bangued‌
  • Grand‌ ‌Party‌
  • Civic‌ ‌Parade‌
9-11‌ Begnas‌ ‌di‌ ‌Bauko‌ Mountain‌ ‌Province‌ Bauko‌
  • Pounding‌ ‌Rice‌ ‌Challenge‌
  • Folk‌ ‌Dances‌
  • Anap‌ ‌di‌ ‌bangan‌
15-16‌ Unoy‌ ‌Festival‌ Kalinga‌ Tinglayan‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dance‌
  • Rice‌ ‌Wine‌ ‌Competition‌
9-27‌ Strawberry‌ ‌Festival‌ Benguet‌ La‌ ‌Trinidad‌
  • Strawberry‌ ‌Lane‌ ‌-Kekkan,‌ ‌Owik‌ ‌Tan‌ ‌Tayao,‌ ‌and‌ ‌Multi-cultural‌ ‌Celebrations
  • Street‌ ‌Dance,‌ ‌Drum‌ ‌&‌ ‌Lyre‌ ‌and‌ ‌Floats‌ ‌Parade‌ ‌Competition‌
24-25‌ Pinikpikan‌ ‌Festival‌ Kalinga‌ Rizal‌
  • Pinikpikan‌ ‌rituals‌
  • ‌Street‌ ‌Dancing
  • Field‌ ‌Demonstration‌
April 2-8‌ Lang-ay‌ ‌Festival‌ Mountain‌ ‌Province‌ Bontoc‌
  • Lang-ay‌ ‌by‌ ‌the‌ ‌Street
  • Lang-ay‌ ‌Night‌
  • Igorot‌ ‌Showdown‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dancing‌ ‌and‌ ‌Cultural‌ ‌Presentations‌
Month-‌long‌ Bendian‌ ‌Festival‌ Benguet‌ Kabayan‌
  • Cultural‌ ‌Parade‌
  • ‌Agro-trade‌ ‌Fair‌
  • Indigenous‌ ‌Games‌
17-19‌ Tungoh‌ ‌ad‌ ‌Hungduan‌ Ifugao‌ Hungduan‌
  • Cultural‌ ‌Parade‌
  • Native‌ ‌Dance‌ ‌and‌ ‌Song‌ ‌and‌ ‌Native‌ ‌Ensemble‌ ‌Contest‌
Last week Imbayah Festival‌ Ifugao‌ Banaue‌
  • Imbayah Traditional Ritual
  • Float‌ ‌Parade‌
  • Ethnic‌ ‌Parade‌
June 16-19‌ Fortan Festival Mountain Province Barlig
  • Traditional Games
  • Local Dances and Rituals
21-24 Matagoan Festival Kalinga‌ Tabuk‌ ‌City‌
  • Ms.‌ ‌Tabuk‌ ‌City‌
  • Patawid‌ ‌trade‌ ‌fair‌
  • Street‌ ‌Dance‌ ‌Parade‌
September‌ 2-4‌ Fruit‌ ‌Festival‌ Benguet‌ Sablan‌
  • Float‌ ‌Parade
  • Mini-market‌ ‌Encounter‌
November‌ Month-‌long‌ Adivay‌ ‌Festival‌ Benguet‌ Province-wide‌
  • Agri-Fair
  • Mr. and Ms. Benguet
  • Cultural‌ ‌Dance‌ ‌Exchange‌

Panagbenga Festival Boys, Baguio City 2018 | ctto
Panagbenga Festival Boys, Baguio City 2018 ctto

Do you know other Cordillera Administrative Region Festivals? Go ahead and put them in the comment section so we can include them!

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