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Ray-Casa's Man of the World gains momentum

The pageant's fourth edition kick starts in Okada, Manila.

Man of the World intimate press meet-up
Man of the World intimate press meet-up

Raycasa sees this year's edition of the Man of the World pageant as a strong partnership that will open doors for both the company and the organization.

With the arrival of the current titleholder, Kim Jin-Kyu of South Korea, the pageant's publicity is gaining momentum. He will stay in the country for nine days and will do courtesy calls and tourism campaign activities in CAR, fulfilling his duties as the reigning king.

Man of the World, Kim Jin-Kyu arrives at Okada, Manila
Man of the World, Kim Jin-Kyu arrives at Okada, Manila
The reigning king's activities will align with the pageant's motto, "Masculinity with Responsibility". And according to the pageant director, Kneil Harley, the responsibility aspect of the pageant will always be dependent on the edition's theme and the chairperson's objectives.
This year's theme is about recovering tourism and the preservation of culture and heritage, including the advocacy of the current chairperson on financial literacy education. Ray-Casa Group of Companies, led by company CEO Jennylyn D. Floresca together with PEPP, organized an intimate press conference in Okada, Manila.
MOTW's current titleholder, Jin-Kyu also graced the conference together with three aspiring candidates from Iran,Ali Gharibzadeh, Philippines, Nadim Elzein, and the USA, Brandex Cruz. The event wouldn't be possible of course without our friends from the press who came with their eye-opening questions.
The new pageant crown made by Venezuelan crown maker George Wittels was also presented to the media, the multi-million Crown was sponsored by Richard James White from the USA. A proper coronation was also given for the reigning king, who only inherited the crown from Bulgaria in 2019 and refused to sign a contract of agreement with the pageant's organizers.

On the 26th, Jin-Kyu and the team will proceed with their activities as planned. The first location he'll visit will be in Banaue in Ifugao, where the famous rice terraces are located. Then there will be a courtesy call with the province's congressman on the morning of the 27th.

The team will then proceed to Sagada and Bontoc, and on that same day, they'll head back to Baguio, where Jin-Kyu is expected to attend a welcome dinner at The Manor Hotel, the same hotel he'll stay at for 3 days.

He'll then fulfill a courtesy call with the City Mayor's office on the morning of the 28th. Immediately after, he'll be present at the annual Intako Festival in the city. He'll also show up for different local media outlets to promote the pageant and the final show happening on June 18.

On his last day in the country, the pageant's current chairperson will hold 2 events at Holiday Inn Baguio City. This one-day event will happen on June 30 and will be the first event with him as an ambassador for the company's advocacy on financial literacy.

The first event, which will start in the morning, is a monthly event hosted by the company called, The RealEsTea Talk, wherein CEO Jennylyn D. Floresca conducts a financial talk. In line with education, the pageant's main cause, the CEO hopes to raise awareness of the world's current financial crisis and how rich/poor countries can still suffer such a crisis.

With the Man of the World's international platform, the CEO will bring entrepreneurs, creatives, start-up owners, business owners, company leaders, etc., including the candidates to an event that will take place in Okada, Manila on June 11, 2022, in the hopes of building alliances between different countries and organizations. We'll call this event, Asian Brand Alliance Summit 2022.

With this, the CEO hopes to connect the candidates and the MOTW organization to bigger causes worldwide.

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