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Binnadang: Banaue People Builds New House for Poor Ifugao Family

Through Binnadang, Banaue people led by the Banaue PNP builds a new two-bedroom house for a poor family of nine in Ifugao.

Binnadang Culture: Banaue folks builds a new home for a poor Ifugao family
Binnadang Culture: Banaue folks builds a new home for a poor Ifugao family

"Binnadang" or "Ug-ugbo" is a custom in the Cordilleras, specifically among the Igorots. Binnadang is the spirit of communal unity, work, and cooperation to achieve a particular goal, which automatically emerges in times of disaster or need. Although each ethnic group in the Cordillera has a different term for it, the basic essence of the tradition is the same, "bayanihan". The Banaue people have shown us why it is important that we preserve our culture and tradition, and show compassion for our peers.

The people of Banaue, led by the Banaue PNP have shown us that this Igorot tradition has not disappeared and is still evident in these uncertain times. With the help of the Banaue community, the Banaue PNP under their House Construction Project "BAHAY NG KAPWA KO SAGOT KO", builds a new two-bedroom house for an indigent family in Ifugao.

Through "Binnadang", the Banaue community led by the Banaue PNP constructs a new house for a poor Ifugao household

The Banaue PNP remains steadfast to its mandate of serving and protecting the municipality and its people by continuing the giving of relief packs (ayuda) to those Banauen families who are in need and most affected by this pandemic brought by Corona Virus (COVID19).

During the distribution of the said relief in the remote sitios of each barangays, the group encountered one respectable family of nine from Chig-chig, Bocos, Banaue, Ifugao who were then living together in their small house, estimated not more than 10sqm.

The family house which is not sturdy and doesn't guarantee safety considering the poor structural built of the house
The family house which is not sturdy and doesn't guarantee safety considering the poor structural built of the house

The family is raising an infant and the small crowded space would be tough for the infant to live in. The family house was not sturdy and doesn't guarantee safety considering the poor structural built of the house.

Water also often gets inside the house when it rains especially during a typhoon. According to the World Health Organization's Housing and Health Guidelines, household crowding is considered to be a threat to health and well-being as it can be a source of constant stress.

Household crowding can be a significant hot spot of infectious-disease transmission, and that seems to be true in this current pandemic as we are all fighting to reduce the spread of the virus.

With the aforementioned situation, PEMS Rolando Bongallon, Chief MCAD suggested to all personnel the building of a house for the family which was tagged as "Bahay ng Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko Project''.

PCPT RODOLFO T FATEG, OIC automatically approved the proposed project and encouraged each personnel to uplift the spirit of solidarity especially in helping the needy with humility, compassion, and without expecting anything in return.

Before the commencement of the "Bahay ng Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko" Project, personnel of the office assessed the situation of the family thru home visitation.

The personnel likened the family to a "Kahong" tree, simple but sturdy, staying strong despite the difficulties and storms coming and passing its way.

The humble Ifugao family
The humble Ifugao family

The members of the family still find contentment and joy in simple living because their love for each other is a stronger structure protecting them all from the harshness of life.

All of these were noted despite the head of the family experiencing impaired vision and loosing physical strength. Hence, they deserved to be the chosen beneficiary of the Banaue PNP "Pabahay Project".

For the realization of the said Pabahay Project, Banaue PNP and members of the community worked and contributed together in the spirit of "bayanihan".

Partial list of generous donors who supported the "Bahay ng Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko" Project
Partial list of generous donors who supported the "Bahay ng Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko" Project

Aside from their mandatory contribution, personnel of Banaue PNP gave additional contributions for the purchase of construction materials for the said house.

Some of them gave extra cash, wood, hallow blocks, and GI sheets. Even retired members of the PNP from Banaue and some stakeholders donated in cash and in kind for the success of the said project.

Members of the RMFB1501ST Maneuver Company also supported the project by donating 2 cubics of sand and gravel and rendered their time and effort to join the Banaue PNP personnel in the construction of the house with a floor area of 10 x 20 square meters.

The two-bedroom house that was built is mostly made of wood with a cemented floor.

On September 24, 2020, Banaue MPS conducted house blessing and ceremonial turnover to the beneficiary of the Adopt a Family Project presided by PCPT RODOLFO T FATEG.

House blessing of the new house
House blessing of the new house

Pastor Herman Dinumla officiated the house blessing. The said events were attended by PCOL DAVID D MARIANDO-PD together with his staff, members of the150 1st Maneuver Company at Mount Polis, Mr.Marcelo B.Lihgawon, PIA-Ifugao, Barangay officials, and residents and donors.

The head of the family voiced out his unending gratitude with tears of joy for the blessing of a simple yet sturdy house that they received.

This was the response of the PNP to the benefited family: "Give GOD the glory (credits) for He just used us as an instrument to offer you the help you deserved and we are looking forward to your support to end this pandemic by staying safely at home. That will be a great help for us."

Ceremonial turnover to the beneficiary of the Adopt a Family Project presided by PCPT RODOLFO T FATEG
Ceremonial turnover to the beneficiary of the Adopt a Family Project presided by PCPT RODOLFO T FATEG

The Banaue PNP is thankful to all volunteers who in one way or another offered their time, effort, labor, and resources until the house is finished.

It is heartwarming that the PNP, with the help of the community, was able to help create a happy place where the beneficiaries can live, laugh and learn; a home where they can be safe, loved, respected, and cared for.

Indeed, helping other people has a great impact especially when you see them smiling with gratitude. The unending joys felt from helping others is enough motivation for us, members of Banaue PNP, to face each day with optimism, strength, faith, and courage.

The members of the PNP may not always be able to give financial assistance because we also have our respective needs and family but what we can assure is to give quality service with a smile to lighten the heart of our constituents.

Thank you very much.

Source: Banaue MPS

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