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2 Benguet landlords, trending for waiving boarders' rents

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Two Benguet landlords are trending on social media for waiving their boarders' rents affected by the community quarantine.


Two boarding house owners in La Trinidad, Benguet are receiving praise for their good heart amidst the enhanced quarantine community for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

In a social media post by Mr. Emmanuel Ayban from Balili, La Trinidad, he announced that he would no longer charge the rent of all his boarders or tenants from March 15 to April 15.

Mr. Keith Damogo of Pico, La Trinidad, took the same step.

At the same time, Damogo urged other landlords not to charge their boarders a one-month rent for the benefit of all.

Meanwhile, the local government of Baguio City is sincerely grateful to the individuals and business establishments who donated or helped to the campaign against COVID-19.

According to City Mayor Benjamin Magalong, a popular club in Baguio has provided more than 230 pieces of assorted bread distributed to police and city personnel serving as frontliners.

A businessman distributed 150 rain boots to garbage collectors, 200 sacks of rice and 200 boxes of noodles to all barangays of the city.

Meanwhile, the Abra Provincial Hospital also thanked the "good samaritan" who provided coffee and coffeemakers for all health workers who were frontliners in the COVID-19 campaign.

In addition, another nurse at the Seares Memorial Hospital in Abra donated a carton of calamansi after the supply of vitamins in drug stores there were depleted.

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