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102-Year-Old Apo Bolo Keeps Igorot Traditional Music Alive

102-year-old Apo Bolo teaches traditional Igorot music to her grandchildren, preserving culture for generations.

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102-year-old Apo Bolo teaches traditional Igorot music to her grandchildren, preserving culture for generations.

At 102 years old, Irene Enyaka, better known as Apo Bolo, is a dedicated musician who is committed to preserving the traditional music of her people.

The hauntingly beautiful sound of the "abiw", a traditional Igorot instrument made from bamboo, fills the air. Apo Bolo leads her grandchildren and great-grandchildren in a song. The music is both familiar and new to them, a reminder of their heritage and a bridge to the future.

Apo Bolo has been teaching Igorot traditional music to her family for many years. She knows that it is important for them to learn about their culture and heritage, and she believes that music is a way to do that.

The "abiw", "kulisteng", and "tongatong" are just some of the many traditional instruments that Apo Bolo teaches her grandchildren and great-grandchildren to play. She also teaches them about the history and significance of Igorot traditional music, and she encourages them to perform at cultural events.

Apo Bolo's grandchildren and great-grandchildren are grateful for her teachings. They are proud to learn about their culture and heritage through music, and they are determined to keep the tradition alive for future generations.

"I want to pass on our culture to the next generation," Apo Bolo says. "I want them to know where they come from and to be proud of their heritage."

Music is more than just a way to pass on culture for Apo Bolo. It is also a way to connect with her community. She often performs at cultural events, and her music always brings people together.

"Music is a powerful thing," Apo Bolo says. "It can bring people together and create a sense of community."

Apo Bolo is an inspiration to many. She is a living example of the power of music to connect people and cultures. She is also a reminder that it is never too late to learn something new.

Igorot traditional music is a rich and vibrant tradition that is worth preserving. Thanks to Apo Bolo, this tradition will continue to live on for generations to come.

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