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THE INSPIRING DAISY BUCAD-ENG STORY: from a salt peddler, to an OFW, to a millionaire

To provide a better life for her family, she had to leave for Hong Kong to work as a servant. It was there that she met an angel named Marie Augusta.

Photo from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho
Photo from Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

Life had been rough sailing for DAISY BUCAD-ENG right from the start. Being married at age sixteen, she had to work doubly hard early on to provide for her family. But with the meager income she was earning from peddling salt in Mountain Province, Daisy knew she had to seek fortune somewhere else.

And so she decided to bid goodbye to her family, to work as a domestic servant in Hong Kong. Daisy narrated that her first employment in a foreign land had been a terrible experience, as she was only allowed 2 to 3 hours of sleep every night. And sometimes she had to hide under the table just to cry for the plight of her little children back home.

Eventually things started to get a little better when she found her second employer. Someone who treated her like a human being. An elderly Portuguese living in Hong Kong, named Marie Augusta Ramchand.

Madam Marie, as Daisy called her, would be her employer for eleven years.

Daisy must have left a lasting impression on Madam Marie's heart because when she finally decided to return home for good to be with her family, the elderly Portuguese, refusing to live in Hong Kong, followed her former employee all the way to the Philippines, living her last days on earth like a tourist on a pilgrimage, visiting Catholic churches with Daisy now serving as her tour guide.

Following Marie's passing in 2002, Daisy unexpectedly received a letter to let her know she had been named in Marie's Last Will and Testament. When they brought her to an executive room, she could not believe it that she would be receiving a fortune amounting to P25 million, courtesy of her former employer.

Daisy made a promise to herself, that to honor the legacy of Madam Marie, she would invest her inheritance wisely.

And she did.
In fact, if you are stuck in a traffic along Km. 4 La Trinidad, and you happen to pass by the magnificent and towering Jewel Igorot Building, take the time to remind yourself that the owner of such property was once a salt peddler. For the Jewel Igorot Building is among Daisy's wise investments.

Daisy's long-time employer in Hong Kong, Marie Augusta Ramchand (left) Photo: from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho
Daisy's long-time employer in Hong Kong, Marie Augusta Ramchand (left) Photo: from Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho

With the newfound prosperity, Daisy has remained true to the lesson of life shared to her by the Portuguese lady while she was under her employ. Daisy couldn't forget how Madam Marie always advised her ..."to always strive to be the best person you can be."

Here is DAISY BUCAD-ENG's story recently featured in the GMA Network show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho.


Don't be surprised if one day, they'll make a movie about this Igorota from Besao, Mountain Province. Truly, her life's journey is so inspiring it can be a light of hope for those who are losing their faith in humanity.

Mountain dweller, etag eater, and I love my dog the way a white man loves his turkey on his thanksgiving day.

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