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5 Reasons Why You Should Date an Igorot

There was a moment in time when I almost embraced love believing I found the one. Yet her sweetness turned sour when she found out I'm an Igorot.

5 Reasons Why You Should Date an Igorot

There was a moment in time when I almost embraced love believing I found 'the one'. Yet her sweetness turned sour when she found out I'm an Igorot. For some reasons, I don't know why. We were both students in a top university in Manila.

How can one 'irrefutable' and 'unchangeable' fact in me change a lot of how she perceived the guy she thought was her knight in shining armour? I don't know.

But let me tell you, and if she is reading this - there are top 5 reasons why you should date an Igorot man or woman

1. Igorot men will not give you roses nor flattery notes but they can feed you well

Igorots are the most practical beings on the planet. Even before the concept of savings & wealth were written by Western authors, Igorots have the concept of practicality. Maybe you would hear a lady say diay ketdi makan tapno mabsug tayo. (Heard that from mom, too!). Of course, the guy knows which restaurant or cafe they should make tambay.

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2. Igorot men don't make romantic speeches but they work very hard

Igorots are mostly silent. That's why we have a lot of silent millionaires in Benguet. Check out your kaaruba! Yes, few may drive the latest Ford or Honda models but most Igorots are silent workers who give their best in whatever decent job they do.

Cordilleran men and women are used to hard labor. Not only that, our endurance is tested by our long work hours under the sun - talk about gardening idiay uma. That's one important recipe to success. Hey, your Igorot suitor could be the next Henry Sy!

3. Igorots don't wear the latest designer clothes but they are ruggedly handsome

I guess being handsome is relative as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe when you start opening your eyes to the Igorot guys around you, you will never want to have selfie with Hollywood movie stars on TV kasi sanay kana sa maraming gwapo. In fact, they don't need to dress up to look great!


4. Igorot men value their family so much.

The number one priority of an Igorot man is a stable family. He works very hard in order to provide the necessities of the family - especially education. He is a responsible man and he loves children.

Okay, for this point - if you are an Igorot - just ask your dad!

5. Igorot men are shy to approach at first but they will fight for you till the end

I heard someone said "Nu han nakainom managbabain, nu nakainom mangibabain" (If he is not drunk, he is shy and timid. If he is a bit drunk, he is a guy to be ashamed of). That is just one aspect of him. What you don't know is that in his mind, he wants only what is best for you. He may not say it, but listen to his actions.

A typical Igorot guy may not be romantic but they know what commitment means. He will love you - in sickness and in health - till death... do you part.

Eduard Folayang

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