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Overcoming Anxiety(Depression)

An insight of a real life experience of mine. High School Trouble

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Finally, I felt too at ease after the graduation ? ?. For a moment, I felt bliss because I had the support of my loving mom Anne, loving brother Thom, and my dearest sweet sister Dana. The one's whom I tag in this photo. Before graduation, I had a conversation with my mom me saying " Ma, madikun kayat ag attend graduation kin baccalaureate awan met lang serbi na" but in her response she said " Anya nga gapu adda nak met proud nak kanyam and mapan ta nga mapan no matter what it takes". Another is from my Bestfriend, she said " Anya nga gapu nga ag give up ka haan mo sayangen ti nagbannugam ti manu nga years " By that , I was encouraged at time of a downful moment because I was at the verge of giving up everything. But despite all terrible things that happened I now set my eyes to see good and let my Heart to forgive the worst. Life is transitory, very short. I can never afford to waste away my life anymore brooding over problems. Honestly speaking, we all get crunched when problems interrupt us. For the past weeks, I lose hope, I come to believe that life is a curse. As a result I suffered from depression. No one can understand how difficult it is to go through all negative emotions with all the temptations where it leads to certain death. I almost got myself ruined but instantly I snap out of reality because I had these people who waked me, who boosted my courage, who let me feel worthy to keep. I cried out a lot by the thought that I was too dumb thinking I shouldn't have done a thing when I had these people who always abide and believes in me. Senior High School was never meant easy for me and the rest. At this point of my life, I Was criticized and judged by hypocrites who loves meddling with people's lives. I Was discouraged Way back in grade 11. During the second semesteter 2016-2017 I dropped out of school for some reasons. And there have been misconceptions when I enrolled again for the next school year. Everyone thought that "maybe that girl got pregnant" " maybe that girl went gallavanting" "maybe she had a live in partner" and such negative thoughts which NONE is ever true. Yes, I Was delayed for graduating SHS when it supposed to be last year but I never regret a thing. I can only think that life is a series of chapter where we face challenges and difficulties along the way. We meet new people during our venture and journey that in the dark road and Path there's always someone who will light the Way. All I Want to embark to my fellow students out there that life is not about getting what we want all the time, be grateful for what we have, be contented and have gratitude. There will always be ups and downs but will always lead us to a most rewarding and contented life. The thing I want everybody to never forget is that keep faith in everything. Just keep having it when nobody else. Believe me , I was once a girl who turned my back loosing all the faith and that's a thing I regretted one of the most. I can never repeat the same mistake. And now for me, I'll cherish an optimistic outlook in life. I Wanted to be successful someday not because of riches but for a glory that is meant for me. And I believe in the song inside me, I Found the voice to sing my whims of desire and dreams to guide me. I'll open My heart so that I Can start to be completely free and I'll always believe in myself. In life, we All have to face each brand new day and embrace no matter what it takes. "We are travelers on A cosmic journey, stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We Have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share. This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity. (PAULO COELHO) This ends now here and I hope that somebody read this earnestly and sincerely. ?


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Wow, thanks for sharing the positivity!

Apr 20

Nice. May you succeed more in life!

Apr 21
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