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Igorota Lawyer Wins PRC Outstanding Professional of the Year in Social Work

Mary Inglay Capuyan-Fokno, an Igorota lawyer, has been named Outstanding Professional of the Year in Social Work by the PRC.

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Mary Inglay Capuyan-Fokno, an Igorota lawyer, has been named "Outstanding Professional of the Year" in Social Work by the Professional Regulation Commission.

Mary Inglay Capuyan-Fokno, an Igorot lawyer from the Cordillera region, has clinched the title of "Outstanding Professional of the Year" in social work from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). This prestigious award is a nod to professionals who excel in their field while staying true to unwavering integrity.

Recognition for Excellence

PRC Commissioner Erwin Enad informed Inglay about the honor, with the official award ceremony set for December 10 in Metro Manila. The recognition underlines Inglay's commitment to professionalism and social responsibility.

Mary Inglay Capuyan-Fokno

Proving Competence and Integrity

Enad emphasized that Inglay's competence and integrity shine through her active involvement in professional activities, significant contributions to her field, and effective engagement in social-related activities.

Beyond the Courtroom

Mary Inglay, known as "Inglay," serves as legal counsel for small-scale miners and juvenile delinquents, showcasing her dedication to justice. She expanded her impact by establishing "Cordillera Quest," providing skills training for out-of-school youths in Benguet and nearby areas.

Culinary Kindness at 'Inglay Restaurant'

Her generosity extends to "Inglay Restaurant" in La Trinidad, Benguet, turning it into a food drive during calamities. Even during the pandemic, she opened a feeding station in the restaurant to ensure no one in her community went hungry.

This prestigious award recognizes her dedication to justice, her work with small-scale miners and juvenile delinquents, and her commitment to social responsibility.

Acknowledgments Keep Coming

This isn't Inglay's first recognition. Previously, she was honored as an Outstanding Social Worker in the Philippines by the Philippine Association of Social Workers, Inc. (PASWI) during its 75th Jubilee celebration in Manila City on September 22.

PRC's Consistent Recognition

The PRC uses its awards to highlight professionals embodying traits like integrity, responsibility, competence, excellent service, and valuable contributions to their professions. Mary Inglay Capuyan-Fokno stands as a prime example, showcasing the power of individuals to bring positive change to their communities through dedicated service.

Born Igorot, Die Igorot

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