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Cordilleran Realtor Meets Man of the World

Ray-Casa takes Man of the World to the mountains of the Cordilleras.

Man of the World, Jin-Kyu dances with the Ifugaos in Banaue
Man of the World, Jin-Kyu dances with the Ifugaos in Banaue

The objectives are clear: to recover the tourism industry and preserve culture and heritage. We are confident that bringing 40 countries to the Cordilleras will boost our economy.

Ms. Jennylyn Delos Santos Floresca took the reigning Man of the World to Ifugao and Mt. Province. Aside from promoting the pageant activities this June and its coronation night that will take place on June 18 in Baguio City, she also addressed the recovery of the tourism industry and the preservation of culture and heritage up here in the North.
Cordilleran Realtor Jennylyn Floresca and Man of the World Jin-Kyu Kim arrives in Banaue Hotel
Cordilleran Realtor Jennylyn Floresca and Man of the World Jin-Kyu Kim arrives in Banaue Hotel
Banaue welcomed us with a cultural presentation showcasing dances, songs, and rituals that were once the center of our ancestors' way of life in Ifugao. Some are still practiced now, some are now only preserved like a treasure to cherish.
Ifugao Rice Terraces in Batad
Ifugao Rice Terraces in Batad
The Ifugao Rice Terraces still make me hold my breath, knowing the story behind its handmade rice paddies, spanning across high-altitude mountains, and after thousands of years, the resilience of our ancestors lives on!
Sagada in Mt. Province offers nothing less. The majestic mountains with clouds beneath your feet will somehow make you wonder about your place in this vast world. It's humbling.

Its million-year-old caves are proof of the World's might, rising from the depths of the oceans, sparking the dawn of a new era of highly intelligent and culturally diverse primates.

Other than the breathtaking sites, Sagada is also rich in culture and heritage. People always looked up and wonder, where do we go after we die? For our ancestors in Sagada, particularly the rich, the only way is up. For our commoner ancestors, they found peace within the enclosures of the deep caves.

What could help this cause more, other than gathering different nationalities here in the region? Representing these 40 countries are young empowered men with different cultures and traditions different from ours. Showing what Cordillera has to offer and letting them experience the hospitality Cordillerans innately have is the best way to reintroduce our region to the world once more.

We are inviting everyone, every Cordilleran and every Filipino to support the Man of the World Fourth Edition activities. June 8 marks the official start of our activities. Our candidates will be our ambassadors to their countries as we embark on a 2-week long journey with them!

The Asian Brand Alliance Summit, a highlight of this pageant, will showcase unique and outstanding business ideas, collaborating with the 40 countries in promoting your lightning in a bottle!

Stanley Bawalan | Sine Cordillera

Sine Cordillera is especially launched by Be Unrivaled Productions. To unleash the Talent of aspiring and promising talents here in Cordillera.

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