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Carrotman: The Unexpected Journey of the Igorot Jeyrick Sigmaton

Jeyrick "Carrotman" Sigmaton, a simple Igorot farmer, an internet sensation.

The start of the beginning

The Carrotman craze started after Edwina Bandong while on their way to Sagada, Mountain Province snapped a few photos of this unknown guy. After posting them on Facebook, netizens are quick to share their admiration to this young guy's handsome features. The photos went viral after being shared thousands of times on social media.

Carrotman's viral photo by Edwina Bandong

Carrotman's viral photo by Edwina Bandong

Who is Carrotman?

Jeyrick Sigmaton is a native Igorot from Barlig, Mountain Province. The eldest of seven children, he was unfortunate to continue his studies after finishing primary school due to lack of financial help.

Jeyrick is very devoted to his family and his ambitions revolves around them. He said that he is working hard to help his parents in sending his siblings to school. He has a simple and meaningful wish, to at least own their farm.

The word CARROT is perfect for him. "CAR" which means Cordillera Administrative Region and "ROT" from the word "Igorot". Does that makes sense? Haha! Please keep reading.

Most notable TV appearances

Jeyrick, having a celebrity badge virtually tattooed on his forehead started appearing on GMA programs. Many questions popped up. Is he gonna be an actor now? Will GMA sign him a contract?  Who's gonna be his love interest? What's gonna be his next project?

Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho

The team of the GMA program "Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho" luckily scored an exclusive interview with this handsome Igorot. Jeyrick is grateful to the person who posted his photo online, because of this, people showed interest again on Mountain Province, especially on the Igorots.

While his interview might have touched and inspired millions of viewers, some of the Igorots aren't happy following Dr. Jimmuel Naval's statement in the program. That the young man's aquiline nose could be due to the intermarriage of Caucasian missionaries/colonialists with Cordilleran people, resulting to “improvement of the race”.

Carrotman at Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho

Carrotman at Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho

Unang Hirit

Jeyrick Sigmaton's first live interview after his photo went viral on social media was on GMA's morning show, Unang Hirit. During his interview, he mentioned he haven't had any girlfriend since birth and he also said that he's a fan of Willie Revillame.

Carrotman at Unang Hirit

Carrotman at Unang Hirit


Guess what? The Igorot bae together with the people who took his photo were invited to the afternoon show, Wowowin. The program's main host Willie Revillame, after interviewing and was moved by Sigmaton's life story offered him a scholarship.

Carrotman with Willie Revillame

Carrotman with Willie Revillame

Much as I'd like to see him wearing school uniform, seems like Jeyrick didn't follow-up the said scholarship. I'm not really sure what happened.

Carrotman continued appearing on other GMA programs such as Vampire ang Daddy ko, Bubble Gang, Sunday Pinasaya and even guested on radio stations.

The Real Carrotman's Story

We're able to get to know Jeyrick much more as GMA's anthology program Magpakailanman featured his life story. Jeyrick Sigmaton was portrayed by Jake Vargas. Epy Quizon, Tess Antonio, Lou Veloso, Tess bomb, Ana Castro, Faith da Silva, Lharby Policarpio, Jacob Vargas, Lloydie Sarmiento and Sachi Manahan also played an important role.

Jake Vargas and Jeyrick Sigmaton

Jake Vargas and Jeyrick Sigmaton

Jeyrick should have played the role Jeyrick, right? Right? Right? Please tell me I'm right! hehe Anyways, please continue reading.

Farmer turned instant model

You read it right. Jeyrick signed a contract from a fashion line. This Igorot from Cordillera, is now officially a brand endorser of Boardwalk PH. He is now among Boardwalk's celebrity ambassadors like Alden Richards, Matteo Guidecelli, JC de Vera, Janine Gutierrez, Juancho Trivino and more.

Carrotman Boardwalk. Photo: Michael Vaughn Bico

Carrotman Boardwalk. Photo: Michael Vaughn Bico

Carrotman went to United Kingdom

Ha! Who said Igorots are poor? Igorots in the United Kingdom made Jeyrick Sigmaton as their special guest during the Grand Canao UK 2016 in accordance to their 21st foundation celebration.

Carrotman at UK

Carrotman at UK

What's next?

Jeyrick Sigmaton is gonna be part of an upcoming movie!

The movie

The movie "Ang Binibining Ifugao" wasn't included in the MMFF 2016.

"Ang Binibining Ifugao", to be directed by Tom Subijano, is an official Entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival, produced by Garen Films International. Starring Eddie Garcia Isabel Granda, Gloria Diaz and Aljur Abrenica, Neil Perez, Whang-Od and of course, Jeyrick Sigmaton.

Update: The MMFF 2016 Executive Committee announced the eight entries that will be screened in the annual Filipino film festival, which opens every Christmas Day, Ang Binibining Ifugao is not listed.

Carrotman version 2.0

October 2017, more than a year after his instant fame. Guess what? Jeyrick Sigmaton was refeatured on Kapuso mo, Jessica Soho.

Back to you

While we care more about pretty faces, there are things more important that we need to turn our attentions to. Vicky Tauli-Corpuz, of the UN, said that the Carrot Man phenomenon is a reflection of the society's low understanding of issues surrounding indigenous people. Corpuz is also an Igorot from the Kankana-ey tribe.

This article first appeared on Ygorot over a year ago. I'm moving them all in here because I can't no longer maintain the site. I'll be updating this article pretty soon.

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