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2LT Lester Soliba Depot: Igorot Army awarded Gold Cross Medal

2LT Lester Soliba Depot, Igorot army was awarded the Gold Cross Medal.

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2LT Lester Soliba Depot, Igorot army from Sagada, Mountain Province, was awarded the Gold Cross Medal.
2LT Lester Soliba Depot, Igorot army from Sagada, Mountain Province, was awarded the Gold Cross Medal.

2LT Lester Soliba Depot, a proud Igorot from Sagada, Mountain Province, was awarded the Gold Cross Medal (GCM), the fourth-highest military award bestowed to a trooper in commendation for his gallantry in action in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

The Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines General Cirilito Sobejana awarded the Gold Cross Medals to 2LT Depot and 5 other members of the operating troops of 39th Infantry Battalion, 10th Infantry (AGILA) Division, Philippine Army.

The operating combatants were triumphant during the combat operation against Pulang Bagani Command, Southern Regional Committee 3, Southern Mindanao Region Committee at Makilala, North Cotabato which resulted in the apprehension of seven (7) High Valued Individuals and capture of eleven (11) High-Powered Firearms and war materials.

Complete list of Gold Cross Medal awardees conferred by AFP Chief Sobejana:

  3. Sergeant Jay Ar R Romero 872338 (Infantry) Philippine Army
  4. Corporal Leonard C Tiongson 907956 (Infantry) Philippine Army
  5. PFC Mario G Grate 930628 (Infantry) Philippine Army
  6. CAA Darwin O Ongque CO G16-000426 Philippine Army

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