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LTC Carlos Sangdaan: Igorot is new Commander of 95th Infantry "Salaknib" Battalion

LTC CARLOS B SANGDAAN INF (GSC) PA, Igorot from Kalinga, is the new Acting Commanding Officer of the 95th Infantry "Salaknib" Battalion.

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LTC CARLOS B SANGDAAN INF (GSC) PA is the new Acting Commanding Officer of the 95th Infantry "Salaknib" Battalion.

LTC CARLOS B SANGDAAN INF (GSC) PA formally took over as Acting Commanding Officer of the 95th Infantry "Salaknib" Battalion at 95IB Headquarters in San Mariano, Isabela on May 17, 2021.

LTC SANGDAAN is an Igorot from Tabuk City, Kalinga. He is a member of PMA Class 1999 and before his position as commander of the 95th IB, he was the Executive Officer of the 501st Infantry Brigade based in Cagayan province.

MGEN LAURENCE E MINA PA, Commander of the 5th Infantry Star Division, served as Presiding General Officer of the Assumption of Command Ceremony.

The Philippine Army installed LTC Carlos B. Sangdaan INF (GSC) PA as new 95th Infantry "Salaknib" Battalion Commander.

With LTC SANGDAAN taking over as the new leader of the 95th IB, he thanked MGEN MINA as well as all the Senior Officers of the 5th ID for the great trust entrusted to him.

The new leader said he will reciprocate with good work and service the trust given to him by the 5ID leadership.

He also said that he will do all he can to serve and protect the people in his constituency and help fulfill the mission of the 5th Infantry Division.

According to MGEN LAURENCE E MINA PA, he appointed LTC SANGDAAN as the new leader of 95IB because he has great confidence in him that he will be able to perform his duties well.

MGEN MINA also advised the Salaknib Troopers to preserve the integrity and discipline of the 95th Infantry Salaknib Battalion to maintain the trust and support of the people in its jurisdiction.

Among those who witnessed the occasion were BGEN DANILO D BENAVIDES PA, Commander of the 502nd Infantry Brigade, BGEN STEVE D CRESPILLO, Commander of the 501st Infantry Brigade and Ret Col Monico Aggabao, Municipal Administrator of San Mariano, Isabela.

Meanwhile, the Salaknib Troopers led by MAJ OSCAR BLANZA (INF) PA, the Executive Officer of the said unit, received a warm welcome to their new Battalion Commander.

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