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My kind of life is a sharing life
My kind of life is a sharing life

Why Walking Tourism? -Kristoffer Tabili-

This kind of tourism has ever been popular among tourists around the world particularly among big cities to those who do not only like walking but also who are interested in engaging with the nature and authentic local experiences. Walking surely allows vacationists to experience more directly with the place they visit. Its popularity through the years has also come from travelers' desires of having physical and healthy activities during their exploration taking holidays from work.

For a place to be considered as a walking tourism destination offering walking tours, it only requires certain level of knowledge on the place and what it offers to travelers. MK Digitales has what it takes to conduct Café Walking Tours to its clients as the company is situated near Leonard Wood Road in Baguio City, having the best of the best cafes in the city of pines. Having tried all these cafes has made Marley Oppa, our rising digital superstar, to bring in the city of pines his experiences during his trips, to name a few of them namely Tokyo, Bangkok, Beijing, Taipei, Berlin and many more cities in the world.

According to him, this will be more relevant to him as a big bother to many if he ends up organizing a tour like this café walking tour as a way for him to share what he has experienced during these trips locally and internationally. He said that he learned something valuable about himself telling facts through storytelling and entertaining the tourists during the tour. He also said that he had already felt this before but this activity he had set up really solidified himself as big brother to all.

What is the main purpose why he is doing this? Most of the time people tend to pass by places and they don't even recognize the significance of the architectures like the designs of the building, the structures of the houses, and even why the parks are built on a certain location. He insists that there are always reasons why certain architecture has this design and why a house has this kind of symbol, so during the trip, the tourists were really astonished by his sharing of information. The participants said that they had never heard those particulars before and they just simply walked without noticing and even trying to know what these things are. That's why after finishing the tour, they got caught up in their own happiness for the satisfaction they experienced and told that they will never forget this experience they had with us. MK Digitales is always confident that whatever the services it provides to its clients, it could make the agency a big difference to their day as long as it gives satisfying experiences to its clients to become a better well-being to their lives and to the life of others as what he said on his interview with RNG Network that he wants to see more Marley Oppas in the city having walking tours in different places around the city like Café Walking Tour in Aurora Hill, Dominican Hill, Trancoville, John Hay ,and many more places to help the community bounce back from the pandemic.

MK DIGITALES- My Kind Of Life Is a Sharing Life!


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