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A Cordillera Based Mountaineering and Outdoors Group

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The official logo of Agbiyag Cordillera Created by Charissa Belle Balanza

The proverbial sense of wonder and exploration will forever be one of the things that never fails to tap into the subconscious of every individual. It is within this spirit of adventure and discovery that individuals from different walks of life, but with a similar passion for the great outdoors, came together and formed Agbiyag Cordillera. Officially organized in June 2024, the group aims to become one of the hubs and beacons for outdoor enthusiasts. Its membership also remains open to both indigenous and non-indigenous individuals from the different provinces of Cordillera Administrative Region.

Campsite Agbiyag Cordillera attended the 17th MFPI Luzon Summit last June 14 to 16, 2024 at Cagayan | Photo by Aya May Dayaoen

River Trekking 17th MFPI Luzon Summit | Photo by Aya May Dayaoen

Lumin-awa Kalinga Trekking 2023 Photo by Ruean Cid Tagtagon

Towards Buscalan, Tinglayan, Kalinga Photo by Sheena Mae Caslangen


Agbiyag Cordillera's group of avid mountaineers, cultural explorers, and nature lovers strives to go beyond the bounds of an organization, becoming a community-driven initiative aimed at fostering a deeper appreciation for the natural world and responding to the primal call of nature rooted within our very core as human beings. The group takes its name from the Kankanaey or Ilocano word "Agbiyag," meaning "long live" or "to live." The same word also has multiple conjugations in other northern dialects of the country. It serves as a homage to the adventurous spirit that drives its members. In the Filipino language, the word can be attributed to or even translated to the word "Mabuhay," which is often used in slogans such as "Mabuhay Pilipinas!" meaning "Long live, Philippines".

The primary mission of Agbiyag Cordillera is to promote outdoor explorations in a safe and sustainable manner. With a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship, responsible trekking practices, and cultural regard, the group seeks to educate its members about conservation efforts and edifying outdoor advocacies while encouraging them to experience the thrill of outdoor activities firsthand.

Mt. Pulag At the Playground of the Gods | Photo owned by Aya May Dayaoen

Mt. Pulag Summit Photo owned by Aya May Dayaoen

Mt. Pulag Summit Photo owned by Aya May Dayaoen

Buscalan, Tinglayan Honored to be at the presence of Apo Whang-od Oggay | Photo owned by Sheena Mae Caslangen


Abiyag Cordillera arranges carefully planned mountaineering activities and other forms of excursions, such as river trekking and spelunking. All of its adventure activities are designed to cater to the varying skill levels and interests of its members. These include, but are not limited to, short-day hikes in nearby nature attractions and landscapes, multi-day treks through rugged mountain ranges, and group registrations for marathons and local runs. As to hiking activities, seasoned guides and experienced members lead these adventures for multiple reasons. This include guaranteeing the safety of all its members in all its activities. The group also holds local government ordinances, community culture, and adventure guidelines in high regard, ensuring that all these are followed and respected.

Lumin-awa Kalinga Hike 2023 Photo owned by Ruean Cid Tagtagon

Pasil, Kalinga ONe of the destinations of the Lumin-awa Trekk that AgbiCOR members attended is the Pasil Sulfur Hilss | Photo by Tabuk City Public Information Office

Baggao Blue Water Lagoon Photo owned by Charissa Belle Balanza

Mt. Kinabalu, Malaysia Highest point in South East Asia | Photo owned by Joker Montes


Agbiyag Cordillera upholds its sense of community and camaraderie, knowing full well that a feeling of belongingness has a great and holistic impact on our motivation, wellbeing, and happiness. The group offers others the assurance that their love for the great outdoors is shared, welcomed, and embraced by many with the same passions. Whether it's a local, national, or international destination, the group also maintains its commitment to supporting one another in their adventures. One of Agbiyag Cordillera's principles is unity in diversity. A principle that is well carried in all activities be it adventures, trainings, or regular meet ups.

16th MFPI Luzon Summit Sagada, Mt. Province | Members of AgbiCOR together with fellow mountaineers from other organizations and groups | Photo by Ruean Cid Tagtagon

16th MFPI Luzon Summit Members of AgbiCOR together with fellow mountaineers from other organizations and groups | Sagada, Mt. Province | Photo by Kurt Yodong

17th MFPI Luzon Summit Cagayan, Philippines | Photo by Lauren Udan

Mt. Timbak, Atok, Benguet Photo owned by Identity Tours


Mainly, Agbiyag Cordillera hopes to expand their reach and positive impact in the mountaineering and exploration community. Their plans include partnering with conservation organizations, collaborating with local communities, and contributing to advocacies and causes aimed at cultural, ecological, and biodiversity preservation. Additionally, the group aims to broaden its capacity building and knowledge and skill-based activities. They are determined to conduct initiatives like wilderness survival skills, first aid training, and navigation techniques through Basic Mountaineering Courses, Water Survival and Rescue Trainings, and Environmental Conservation seminars to name a few. This would involve partnerships with agencies and organizations holding both experience and expertise in these categories.

The path that Agbiyag Cordillera plans to take on is one that is filled with adventure, camaraderie, self-discovery, and a profound appreciation for the great outdoors. One that is truly challenging. But with members that always respond to the call of nature, one can be assured of the organization's continuous growth and fulfillment of its promises for the future.

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